Five Crow Wing County 4-Hers presented their best in the Minnesota 4-H State Dog Show Sept. 22-23 at the Minnesota State Fair.

In total, 360 youths and 427 dogs from across the state participated in this annual event. 4-Hers demonstrate their skills and knowledge in agility, obedience, showmanship and rally, competing against other youths in their age group and experience level.

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Youth members of the Minnesota 4-H Dog Project learn to train and build a trusting relationship with their pet. Topics of study include canine behavior, breed characteristics, diseases, ethics, grooming, health, nutrition, responsible breeding, service dogs, therapy dogs, dog-related careers and the wide array of dog sports. Last year, 2,907 youths from every part of the state participated in the 4-H Dog Project.

"Youth learn so much responsibility from training their dog and competing in the 4-H State Dog Show," stated Kim Lambert, one of the 749 adults who volunteer with the 4-H Dog Project statewide, in a news release. "These kids work all year long, building strong partnerships with their dogs. If they don't work carefully with their dogs, the dogs won't work for them. The responsibility kids learn here they can use forever."

The Minnesota 4-H Dog Show was featured on WCCO-TV, which shared the fun and learning experiences of both youths and volunteers.

The following youths were members of the Crow Wing County delegation:

• Conner Becker received champion in Jumpers 2 Agility, blue in Senior Agility, red in Graduate Novice Obedience and two blues in Advanced Rally.

• Audrey Bock received a blue in Elementary Agility, blue in Jumpers 1 Agility, blue in Beginner Obedience and blue in Pre-Novice Agility.

• Christopher Bock received a blue in Pre-Novice Rally.

• Bailey O'Hern received a blue in Novice Showmanship and blue in Foundation Rally.

• Jessica Otto received a red in Elementary Agility, red in Jumpers 1 Agility, red in Novice Obedience and blue in Novice Rally.

To learn more about the 4-H Dog Project, contact 4-H program coordinator Sarah Ukkelberg at 218-824-1069 or visit