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Voter's Guide: Morrison County

John Ulrick

Morrison County Soil and Water supervisor District 4

Dale Scholl

Age: 71.

Occupation: Full-time farmer and truck driver. Been self-employed for over 50 years.

Public office experience: I have served on the Buckman Township Board for 37 years as chairman and supervisor.

Why are the you the best candidate for the job? I am seeking this position because of the experience I have received as a township board member. I have been able to work with other board members, respect their opinions, and come to an agreeable decision and be able to come up with a solution to the problems they are dealt with.

I feel the Soil and Water Board will benefit from my experience as township board member, business owner and a farmer. These are the qualifications that I am able to bring to the Soil and Water Board.

John Ulrick

Age: 62.

Occupation: Retired Oct. 30, 2015; 32 years in military, farmer from 1977 to present and owner of a small manufacturing plant.

Public office experience: I have not served in public office. However, I had five different

commands and served in many staff positions during my military career.

Why are you the best candidate for the job? I support less regulations and restrictions for

farmers to drain wet spots in fields, maintenance of drainage ditches and tile throughout.

I support maintenance and preservation of rivers, lakeshore and wetlands with a common-sense approach to protect our soil and water from pollution and flooding.

During my four-and-a-half years of military tours to Iraq and Afghanistan, I worked with the Army Corps of Engineers with land use and expanding forward operation bases that include EPA and OSHA standards. I've seen the changes taking place the past 30 years and it is getting harder and harder for the farmers to manage.