The Manhattan Beach City Council commented on the results of a community planning initiative during its meeting Tuesday, Oct. 2, according to unapproved draft meeting minutes.

The community planning results listed 17 points of emphasis for the city council to consider. For each point, the council stated the city's current status and explained why the request was not possible or what the city had already done toward accomplishing that goal.

There was a request for building ordinances that protect the natural environment. Council members replied that they felt the ordinances currently in place do that well enough.

Supporting neighboring communities was another significant point. Mayor Paul Allen said he has tried for years to have a monthly meeting with mayors Patty Norgaard of Crosslake and Tim Anick of Fifty Lakes, but could not make it work. He said he still felt that the communities had a strong relationship.

Council members decided against starting a community newsletter, saying they didn't see a need for that extra expense. They said planning and zoning meetings will soon be recorded, and written and recorded minutes for meetings are available on the city's website.

Other talking points included preserving the history of the city, engaging more second home owners, improving broadband service, enforcing boating speed and noise laws, and lowering taxes.

In other business Oct. 2, the council approved the city clerk-treasurer's monthly report and accepted a credit card policy that states that city debt may not be held on city employee credit cards.