WALKER-Cass County issued 972 land use permits through September this year, up from 955 in 2017, Environmental Services Director John Ringle reported to the county board Tuesday, Nov. 6.

These permits were for new building construction and new private sewer systems.

The number of variances the planning commission approved rose from 76 to 80 during the same period. The number of conditional use permits issued rose from 16 to 25.

Shoreland alterations, however, were down during the first nine months this year, largely reflecting less need this year than last to repair spring ice-out damage during the second quarter.

There have been 11 land reclassifications so far in 2018.

Two new plats and one minor land subdivision were approved this year, compared with two minor subdivisions and one plat last year.

Woodrow Township, located between Hackensack and Longville, continued to have the highest number of new land use permits issued in 2018 (29), but was matched by the 29 also issued in Shingobee Township near Walker.

Crooked Lake Township by Outing came in next with 23 land use permits issued, followed by Wabedo by Longville with 21 and 20 each in Ponto Lake Township by Backus and in Fairview Township in southern Cass.

Ringle reported his staff responded to a large number of complaints and violations during the third quarter this year. One junk/refuse abatement was started and still is in process, he said.