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Cass County Board: 'Other waters' stay out of county's water plan

BACKUS—Cass County Board voted Tuesday, Nov. 20, not to include "other waters" at this time in the county water plan.

"Other waters" would include those not identified as among the state's public waters or part of a public drainage system.

Including them would make them eligible for possible state Board of Water and Soil Resources grants.

The county's Soil and Water Conservation District recommended the county not include "other waters" at this time, because other funding sources are already available to assist when needed to protect them and because those waters could be added to the county's water plan at any time in the future.

Commissioner Dick Downham was absent from Tuesday's meeting.

In other business, the county board:

Accepted a $186,101 dividend from Minnesota Counties Intergovernmental

Trust for its workers' compensation and property/casualty insurance with MCIT.

Approved a recommendation from Central Services Director Tim Richardson to accept the lower of two bids from Arvig to install a new telephone system in the county government buildings at Walker for $75,485. Arvig also will run new cabling in the highway department for $9,000.

Richardson said many parts are no longer available to repair the pre-2000 systems in Health, Human and Veterans Services and in the highway department.

The upgrade will give caller identification, voicemail, exact 911 location, call forwarding, call groups, operator revert, calling trees and four-digit interoffice calling to HHVS, highway and the courthouse complex, Richardson said.

The county's capital improvement budget set aside $125,000 for this project.

Learned the county's interest earned on investments hit 109 percent of budget expectations after 83 percent of the year at $1,076,968.90. That is up from $733,870.45 during the same period of 2017.

Approved a land reclassification in Moose Lake Township to reclassify 20 acres of property Barney McCoy owns from Agriculture/Forest to Rural Residential 20. The planning commission voted Nov. 13 to support the change.

Approved an agreement with Minnesota Department of Public Safety to enable the county probation department to access Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and the Federal Bureau of Information data records for the next five years.

Approved paying Longville Ambulance Service its third quarter $122,750 portion of this year's ambulance service district property taxes collected.