STAPLES-Tackling topics like "Does temperature affect how Diet Coke and Mentos react?" and "Choosing the longest-lasting battery," more than 60 Region Five students in fourth through sixth grades demonstrated their mental prowess at the 2019 Science Fair Thursday, March 7, at Sourcewell in Staples.

Sourcewell Student Academic Coordinator Katie Embree said the elementary science fair began as a dream more than 20 years ago by a classroom teacher in Bertha-Hewitt. In collaboration with other teachers, and with the help of the Freshwater Education District, the science fair was planted in Region Five.

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Five regional schools participated in this year's fair, including Bertha-Hewitt, Browerville, Henning, Pillager and Staples-Motley. Students were invited to enter a project in either the experiments category or research. Participating students were top finishers at their respective schools, earning them an opportunity to move on to the regional science fair at Sourcewell.

"We had many young scientists in our midst," Embree said in a news release. "Curious minds that took the opportunity to explore the 'why' or 'what if' of science. Learning is a fun journey of exploration; keep your inquisitive minds asking questions and seeking the answers."

Fourth grade-research

First: Jaidyn Dykhoff, Bertha-Hewitt.

Second: Caleb Watercott, Henning.

Third: Brooke Kline, Henning.

Fourth: Evan Schultz and Thomas Johnson, Staples-Motley.

Fourth grade-experiment

First: Brady Bowman, Bertha-Hewitt.

Second: Hallie Weller, Henning.

Third: Paxton Line and Peyton Roberts, Browerville.

Fourth: Hansen, Henning.

Honorable mention: Elliot Severson, Henning.

Fifth grade-research

First: Monica Hansen, Henning.

Second: Norah Froslee, Henning.

Third: Mason Albertson, Staples-Motley.

Fourth: Callie Greenwaldt, Bertha-Hewitt.

Fifth grade-experiment

First: Nathanial Seamann, Staples-Motley.

Second: Anthony Rousu, Henning.

Third: Annabella Hegarty, Bertha-Hewitt.

Fourth: Lily Cline, Staples-Motley.

Honorable mention: Miette Hansel, Bertha-Hewitt.

Honorable mention: Lydia Stearns and Adriana Botello, Browerville.

Sixth grade-research

First: Peyton Mithun, Staples-Motley.

Second: Ella Banister, Bertha-Hewitt.

Third: Joshua Rasmussen, Henning.

Fourth: Jacob Schmitz, Bertha-Hewitt.

Honorable mention: Natalie Marxer, Browerville.

Honorable mention: Steven Petrich, Staples-Motley.

Sixth grade-experiment

First: Carter Wilhelmi, Bertha-Hewitt.

Second: Sawyer Ferdon, Staples-Motley.

Third: Tiffany Weber, Henning.

Fourth: Maggie Teigland, Bertha-Hewitt.

Honorable mention: Avery Rowe, Henning.

Honorable mention: Lily Richey, Staples-Motley.