In a letter to the White House Monday, April 15, Gov. Tim Walz informed President Donald Trump of the recent severe weather events in Minnesota and the looming need for federal disaster relief.

"Minnesotans are hardy people and we have a lot of experience taking care of each other during and after severe weather," Walz wrote. "Over the past twelve months - not counting this event - Minnesota has experienced ten (10) major disasters."

"We believe the uninsured damage to public infrastructure and other costs for this event will far exceed our threshold for public assistance (PA) program disaster relief from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)," Walz continues in the letter. "All of this is said to ensure you are aware of what's happening in Minnesota this spring and to let you know I anticipate requesting help from the federal government."

According to a news release, Walz surveyed damage in southern Minnesota this weekend with the National Guard and received a briefing on the forthcoming recovery efforts. He has declared a peacetime emergency for the state because of the severe weather, and recently signed a bill appropriating an additional $10 million for Minnesota's disaster contingency account.