Level 3 predatory offender Christopher Eugene Wheeler will be moving to an address in the vicinity of Wise Road and Gregory Way in rural Brainerd on or about May 13, the Crow Wing County Sheriff''s office reported.

Wheeler, 45, has a history of sexual contact with known female children and teens. A notification of release fact sheet is available on the Crow Wing County Sheriff's Office website located through www.crowwing.us.

In a news release, Crow Wing County Sheriff Scott Goddard stated: "My office has an aggressive monitoring system in place to help ensure public safety from predatory offenders. Mr. Wheeler has served his sentence imposed on them by court and he is transitioning into the community. The law prohibits specific information on where predatory offenders reside, work or attend school. We don't want to cause any fear in the public but desire to create awareness. I would ask that the public report any suspicious activity or people to law enforcement."

The news release from the sheriff's office did not note whether a community notification meeting would be held regarding Wheeler's release. As a Level 3 offender, Wheeler has previously been subject to community notification meetings in Crow Wing County.