Motorists will find posted detours for local and through traffic for College Road as work on Cypress Drive continues.

Landwehr Construction's work and staging meant Industrial Park Road was once again open to traffic Friday, May 24, while the College Road/Cypress Drive intersection area is closed and will remain so for about six consecutive weeks.

BNSF work testing the new railroad grade crossing signals will be ongoing over the next several weeks, subject to change.

Landwehr does not plan to work on the project on Memorial Day, May 27. Over the remainder of next week, Scott Hedlund, senior project manager with Short Elliott Hendrickson, reported Landwehr plans to focus on storm sewer construction.

On Cypress Drive between Basswood Road and the railroad tracks and on Industrial Park Road, Landwehr is planning ongoing concrete and bituminous driveway work, concrete curb, and miscellaneous grading, topsoil and aggregate base placement behind the curbs.

On the portion of the project north of the railroad tracks, there will be miscellaneous concrete flatwork, paving and grading over the next few weeks. There will also more pavement marking activities coming this summer on Highway 210 and elsewhere.

Last week, Landwehr was primarily focused on road building on Industrial Park Road and Cypress Drive between Basswood Road and Industrial Park Road. Hedlund reported work activities over the last week included road and trail grading activities, placing aggregate base on trails, concrete and driveway apron work and bituminous paving.

The landscaping at the Excelsior Road/Cypress Drive roundabout was substantially completed. The last stage of construction focused on the College Road/Cypress Drive intersection began Thursday with removal of the existing pavement.

Concrete and bituminous driveway work is still ongoing. Property owners directly affected by concrete work at driveways should have been or will be contacted by Short Elliott Hendrickson or Landwehr Construction representatives regarding temporary access configuration changes or temporary access limitations.

Property access

Until further notice, the access configurations in the project area are:

• Properties on Cypress Drive south of College Road will need to access from the south,

• Properties on Cypress Drive between College Road and Industrial Park Road will need to access from the north,

• Properties along Basswood Road (cul-de-sac) east of Cypress Drive will need to access from the north,

• Properties along Greenwood Road (cul-de-sac) west of Cypress Drive should access from the east on Greenwood Road,

• Properties along College Road west of Cypress drive should access from the west, and

• Properties along College Road east of Cypress drive should access from the east.

During construction, access to all properties within the construction zone will be maintained.

The south leg of the south Highway 210/Cypress Drive intersection will remain closed until the new railroad crossing and road are fully constructed this year. Also, until the pedestrian curb ramps can be completed, there will be no pedestrian crossing allowed at the Highway 210/Cypress Drive intersection.

Reminder, there will still be ongoing construction activity adjacent to project roads in 2019 after they are opened to traffic so motorists are reminded to use caution when traveling through the work zone. All planned work is weather dependent and subject to change.