Motorists can expect lane closures, flaggers and heavy moving equipment beginning the week of Monday, June 17, as crews install a temporary mini roundabout at the east intersection of Highway 6 and Highway 210 in Deerwood.

The roundabout will ease congestion and move traffic through the Deerwood intersection, during the Highway 210 detour between Brainerd and Ironton. The detour will begin July 8, and will use Highway 25, Highway 18, Highway 6 and Highway 210/6.

The temporary mini roundabout, also known as a compact roundabout, will be built within the existing intersection and be operational through October. The roundabout will have a 2-inch raised road surface as the center island and be painted yellow. This will accommodate larger vehicles maneuvering within the compact roundabout, to drive over the center island and make a wider turn.

Motorists will notice orange barrels, narrowing lanes and directional signs when approaching the roundabout. When entering the roundabout, yield to traffic within the roundabout, go through and exit to your destination.

MnDOT advised drivers to be alert for trains. Highway 6 has a railroad crossing just south of the intersection. When a train goes through Deerwood, all traffic on Highway 6 and Highway 210 will come to a complete stop at the roundabout.

In the future, if the community decides to construct a permanent roundabout at this intersection, it would be designed to allow east/west Highway 210 traffic to continue to flow through the roundabout when a train passes.

Also, in preparation for the detour, crews will extend the Highway 18 bypass lane at the Highway 6 intersection between Brainerd and Garrison. Motorists will encounter periodic lane or shoulder closures in this area.

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