Moonlite Bay Restaurant and Bar of Crosslake averted a major roof failure thanks to customers gathered there Sunday, Dec. 29 to watch football.

“t was pretty wild. It was packed for the game and we started hearing a couple little sounds,” said owner Jessica Eide. “Then there was a series of short, little pops and we realized it was the roof. They left immediately when we heard that and were back in five minutes with shovels and roof rakes.”

About 15 customers gathered tools to quickly clear off the overburdened roof. Some brought roof rakes, some shovels and one customer even brought a bobcat to clear snow that was pushed off the roof. Though there was damage to the roof, it is possible things could have been worse.

“That heavy snow/rain mix was a little too much for the roof,” Eide said. “It was like concrete. The engineer estimated it was the weight of 290,000 pounds.”

There was no collapse and no leaks. The damage is not visible from outside or even inside the bar. Eide said damage can be seen inside of the roof itself.

“The damage is all internal,” Eide said. “Looking in the building you wouldn't know anything happened. You'd have to get into the rafters. It's nothing cosmetic you can see. You would have to get in the rafters and look at the trusses.”

Moonlite Bay was closed most of New Years week, including New Years Eve.

“We're sad we aren't able to ring in the new year with all the customers, but we want to make sure we open safely,” Eide said. “It's a bummer.”

As of Jan. 2, Eide said Moonlite Bay was on track to open for lunch Friday, Jan. 3.

“We have a structural engineer working on a temporary fix so we can get back open as quickly as possible. We just have to get some bracing up now for future snowfall,” Eide said.

The damage could have been much worse, and Eide could not stress enough how grateful she was to have her loyal customers during the incident.

“We really want to thank all the customers that went above and beyond what anyone can expect,” Eide said. “It was really amazing. That was the biggest part for us, to see that.”