NIMROD — An old military device — suspected to be possibly from the Korean War era — was located Sunday, May 16, north of Nimrod.

The Wadena County Sheriff’s Office received a call at 3:31 p.m. from an individual at the Nimrod Bar, who stated he and others located a potentially live mortar. Law enforcement made contact and learned some people were at the Shell City Bridge in the Huntersville State Forest with a metal detector and located the mortar. They placed it in their vehicle and brought it to the Nimrod Bar to show others.

The Crow Wing County Bomb Squad was called and took possession of the mortar. At the time of the bomb squad taking possession of the mortar, it was unknown if the device was live or not, the sheriff’s office reported.

The Crow Wing County Sheriff’s Office reported Monday the mortar was turned over to military personnel as it is an old military device. The mortar device was estimated to possibly be from the Korean War era.

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