Agendas - Nov. 8


Budget Committee Meeting

Pillager School Board of Education

Meets 7 a.m. Tuesday, Nov 10

I. Review Final 2019-2020 Audit Report

II. CARES Funding Update

III. Adjourn

Facilities Committee Meeting

Pillager School Board of Education

Meets 3 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 11

I. Building Construction Project Update

II. Adjourn


Curriculum Committee Meeting

Pillager School Board of Education

Meets 1:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 12

I. SEL Presentation from Counselors and School Social Worker

II. Bridges Career Academies and Workplace Connection

III. STAR Fall Standardized Testing Data

IV. Science and Social Standards Reporting

V. Update and Adjustment for Curriculum Purchases

VI. K-8 Report Card Update

VII. Adjourn

Pillager Public Schools – ISD No. 116

Pillager School Board of Education

Special School Board Meeting

Meets 4 p.m. Friday, Nov. 13

This meeting will be an interactive meeting.

I. Canvass Results from 2020 School Board Election


II. Adjourn

Morrison County Board of Commissioners

Meets 9 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 10

County Board Room

Government Center, Little Falls

1. Call to order by chairman

2. Pledge of allegiance

3. Approval of county board minutes

4. Additions/deletions to the agenda

5. Fishtrap lake improvement district

6. County board warrants

7. Public works report


8. Administrator’s report

9. Committee reports/upcoming schedule

10. Adjournment

Crow Wing County Board of Commissioners

Meets 9 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 10

County Board Room, 3rd Floor, Historic Courthouse, Brainerd

1. 9 a.m. Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance (Commissioners Koering and Brekken attending by Teams)

2. Open Forum

3. Review and Approve Minutes

3.1. 10/27/20 Regular County Board Meeting Minutes

3.2. 11/03/20 Special County Board Meeting Minutes


4. Review and Approve Agenda

5. Consent Agenda

5.1. Bills

5.2. Personnel Actions

5.3. 2020 Combination and On-Sale and Sunday Liquor Licenses Transfer

5.4. Donation

5.5. Exempt Gambling Permit

5.6. Request Public Hearing to Adopt New Crow Wing County 2021 Fee Schedules


5.7. Advertise for Sealed Bids (Various Road Projects)

5.8. Children's Mental Health Screening Grant

5.9. Advertise for Bids - Printing and Publishing

6. Land Services

6.1. RJ-JS Properties - Lake Place Storage - Preliminary Plat

7. County Engineer

7.1. COVID Emergency Service Level Agreements

8. County Sheriff


9. County Attorney

9.1. Resolution for Restatement of Ossawinnamakee Lake Improvement District

10. County Administrator

10.1. Senior Management Team Report

10.2. Memorial Gardens Financial Contribution

11. Additional Business

12. Closed Meeting

12.1. Labor Negotiation Strategy pursuant to MS 13D.03, Subd 1 (b)

13. Adjournment

County Board Correspondence

Crow Wing County Committee meeting schedule

The following list includes Crow Wing County meetings that may be attended by one or more members of the Crow Wing County Board:

Meets 9 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 10, County Board Meeting, Historic Courthouse, County Board Room

Meets 5 p.m. Tuesday, Crow Wing County Housing & Redevelopment Authority, Webex Video/Teleconference (call 415-655-0001; access code 126 270 0042; password 1110)

Wednesday, Veterans Day - County Offices Closed

Meets 9 a.m. Thursday, Budget Committee, Historic Courthouse, County Board Room

Meets 11 a.m. Thursday, General Election Canvass Board, Historic Courthouse, Jinx Ferrari Meeting Room

Meets 10 a.m. Friday, Family Services Collaborative Governance Board, Washington Educational Services Building - Brainerd - Room 200

Meets 1:30 p.m. Friday, Solid Waste Committee, Teams (call 218-302-1725; Conference ID 345465419#)

Meets 9 a.m. Nov. 16, Personnel Committee, Historic Courthouse, County Board Room

Crow Wing County Budget Committee

Meets 9 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 12

Historic Courthouse

County Board Room

1. CARES Act/Coronavirus Relief Fund Updates

2. Departmental Fee Updates

3. Asset Management Policy

4. Internal Control Policy

5. Accounting, Auditing and Financial Reporting Policy

6. Financial Status Update

7. Additional business

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