Brainerd FFA members attend Region II interview day

Members will celebrate National FFA week, scheduled Feb. 23-29.

Brainerd FFA members
Brainerd FFA members who attended the Region II interview day at Central Lakes College in Staples were Somer Gutzwiller (front row, left), Taylor Radunz, Karli Knopf, Olivia Ostrowski, Emmy Hinrichs, Arica Caughey, Jenna Caughey (back row, left), Annie Loss, Keyahna Kurilla, Simon Nelson, Devin Knopf, Maren Rahto, Ali Schroer, Lea Kreuger and Andrew Caughey. Submitted Photo

STAPLES โ€” Brainerd FFA members recently attended the Region II interview day at Central Lakes College in Staples, where they had a chance to interview for region officers and state degrees.

Interviewing for region officers included Emmy Hinrichs, Olivia Ostrowski, Jenna Caughey, Ali Schroer, Taylor Radunz, Annie Loss, and Karli and Devin Knopf. Earning the Region Degree were Hinrichs and Devin Knopf, who will represent the Brainerd chapter this year as Region II officers. The students also will find out their positions at the Region II banquet in May.

Members interviewing for their State Degree included Simon Nelson, Somer Gutzwiller, Lea Kreuger, Maren Rahto, Olivia Ostrowski and Keyahna Kurilla. The State FFA Degree is awarded to FFA members who have demonstrated the highest level of commitment to the Minnesota State FFA Association and made significant accomplishments in their supervised agricultural experiences. They all received their degree and will receive their award at the Minnesota state FFA convention in April.

Andrew Caughey represented the Brainerd chapter as part of the nominating committee.

Up next for the Brainerd FFA is National FFA week scheduled Feb. 23-29.

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