Brainerd man accused of punching, choking victim

A 30-year-old Brainerd man faces felony charges for allegedly punching a woman six times and choking her during a physical domestic at a Brainerd home.

David D. Tieman
30-year-old David D. Tieman faces felony charges for allegedly punching a woman six times and choking her during a physical domestic at a Brainerd home.

A 30-year-old Brainerd man faces felony charges for allegedly punching a woman six times and choking her during a physical domestic at a Brainerd home.

David D. Tieman was charged Friday in Crow Wing County District Court in Brainerd with three felonies of first- and third-degree assault to cause bodily harm and domestic assault by strangulation; gross misdemeanor of neglect/endangerment of a child; and petty misdemeanor of possessing drug paraphernalia.

Tieman was seen in front of Judge Earl E. Maus who set bond at $50,000 with conditions or $150,000 without conditions. Those conditions include having no contact with the victims, cannot leave the state, will need a police escort to enter premises involving the victims and he cannot enter any bar or liquor store or possess any weapons. Tieman was granted a public defender to represent him.

Tieman, who was in the Crow Wing County Jail custody list Tuesday, is scheduled to appear for court today, June 28.

According to the probable cause court document filed against Tieman, a male called 911 at 10:34 p.m. June 20 reporting a physical domestic at a residence in Brainerd. The male reported he was outside the residence with the female victim and she was bleeding and saying she had been assaulted by Tieman, a man who is known to her.


Brainerd police responded and made contact with the victim and the male who called in the report. The officer observed blood covering the victim's face, arms and hands and saw a large cut on her forehead bleeding profusely and the male was holding a baby who was identified as the victim's 5-month-old son. The infant also was covered in blood. The victim stated the child was not physically injured during the assault, but the blood on him was hers from when she took him and carried him from the residence.

The victim told the officer Tieman had assaulted her in the apartment. She stated Tieman had punched her in the face multiple times, and he had choked her, the complaint reported.

The victim was unsure of Tieman's whereabouts and whether or not he was still inside the residence. As officers were entering the building and going up the stairs, officers were advised via police radio that Tieman was reported to be intoxicated and had a .22 caliber weapon in the apartment. As an officer continued to the top of the stairs, he observed the door to one of the apartments had blood at head level that appeared to be similar to a handprint. The blood appeared to be fresh, was still red, and did not appear to be dry. The officer could also see some type of blood droplets consistent with some type of blood spraying along the wall of the door of the apartment that went down the stairwell towards the main entrance to the building, the complaint reported.

The officers gave loud commands for Tieman to exit the apartment and then they entered. The front door of the apartment was unlocked. A search of the apartment did not locate Tieman.

Once the apartment was clear, officers looked over the apartment to confirm the altercation had occurred. Officers located blood in the kitchen near the counter, in the living room, on a children's toy and on clothing items.

Officers located a large rifle which was a Savage, caliber .270 bolt action rifle which was unloaded and ammunition which was within a few feet of the rifle. They also found four small plastic containers that had the smell of marijuana, one metal tray that appeared to have marijuana residue on it, two soft felt style cases commonly used to hold glass marijuana pipes to which one had a glass marijuana pipe with residue, two metal "One hitters" next to the bed on a nightstand, one grinder also located next to the bed, two plastic metal cleanout tools, a total of four glass pipes all with residue, and one other lighter was taken. Officers also located 10 rounds of .270 caliber and a scope for the rifle.

North Memorial Ambulance arrived on scene and transported the victim to Essentia Health St. Joseph's Medical Center for treatment of her injuries.

In a statement to police, the victim said she went to the apartment and found Tieman drunk and passed out on the bed. Tieman had vomited on the bed and she was upset with him for being drunk when he was supposed to be taking care of the infant child, who was sleeping in the living room. She told Tieman she was going to take the child and leave and Tieman became upset because he did not want her to leave or to take the child. Tieman had picked up the child and was holding him and when she said she was going to take the child and leave, Tieman set the child down in the living room and attacked her. She said Tieman grabbed her and picked her up, which she described this as kind of a bear hug, the complaint stated. Tieman also hit her at that time, and she hit Tieman back in self-defense. She said he then attacked her again by punching her in the face six times and it was during this part of the assault that she got the cut on her forehead. She said she was knocked to the ground and Tieman then got on top of her and put his arm around her neck in a choke-hold and began to strangle her. The victim passed out and went unconscious for an unknown amount of time and when she woke up, she grabbed the child and ran out of the apartment where she ran into a man outside, who was the person who called 911.


The victim stated she and Tieman have a history of domestics, but Tieman had never hurt her this badly before, the complaint stated.

A short time after the officer cleared from the hospital, he heard his sergeant on the radio state he had a male at gunpoint on the 700 block of Front Street. The officer responded to the location and saw Tieman lying on the sidewalk in front of the squad car, so he exited his vehicle drawing his firearm from the holster and pointing it at Tieman, the complaint stated. At that time, other officers moved in to secure Tieman in handcuffs. The officer put his firearm back in the holster and assisted officers with placing Tieman in handcuffs. At one point, Tieman tried to pull away from officers and the officer grabbed hold of Tieman's head and held it to the ground to prevent him from head butting officers. Tieman was then secured in handcuffs and placed in the rear of the squad car and transported to jail.

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