Brainerd woman stabs man in arm, complaint says

The medical staff told police that the man would have most likely bled out within 10 more minutes if he didn’t get any medical attention, complaint stated.

Crow Wing County Judicial Center, Brainerd

A 37-year-old Brainerd woman faces charges after stabbing a man in the right arm at an apartment in downtown Brainerd.

Stacey Kay Johnson was charged Friday, Aug. 27, in Crow Wing County District Court with felony first- and second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon and to cause bodily harm to another.

The Brainerd Police Department was dispatched at 1:09 a.m. Thursday to a domestic assault at an apartment on the 700 block of Laurel Street in Brainerd after the department was advised a man was assaulted by Johnson. The complainant reported she believed Johnson had stabbed a man, but both parties were saying it was an accident, the criminal complaint stated.

Officers arrived at the apartment and the victim had two towels wrapped around his upper right arm as a makeshift tourniquet. Both towels, along with the man’s arm were covered in a substantial amount of blood. The man was taken outside to be closer to the ambulance in the event he would pass out from blood loss.

The man told the officer he had accidentally fallen on a knife, the complaint stated. The man did not answer any of the officer’s other questions and would only say he did not remember. The man, who told the officer he and Johnson are known to each other, was then taken to the Essentia Health-St. Joseph’s Medical Center by North Memorial Health Ambulance.


Stacey Kay Johnson
Stacey Kay Johnson

The reporting party and two others told police they could hear Johnson and the man arguing and yelling at each other very loudly but could not understand what they were saying. The man then let out a loud, agonizing scream, as if he were in pain. The man then began to yell, “No, no, no, no,” the complaint stated. A witness went out into the hallway to see what was happening and saw the man and his arm was bleeding. The man said it was an accident and he had fallen on the knife.

Another witness stated he believed the victim was scared of Johnson because of the way he has talked about her in the past. The man reportedly told the witness Johnson stabbed him in the past.

An officer asked Johnson what happened to the man, but she would not respond. Johnson told the officer she felt like she was being threatened. When the officer asked what the man had been stabbed with along with other multiple questions about the incident, Johnson did not answer.

The officer asked Johnson if the man cut himself and she shook her head no. A police sergeant located the knife inside of the residence, which had a 3-inch blade.

An officer went to the hospital to speak with the man and was told by medical staff there were three lacerations on his arm. The officer asked the man again what had happened and he said Johnson stabbed him. He said he came home from work about 11 p.m. and Johnson had been drinking. He said he was sleeping on the couch, when he was woken up to Johnson going through his bag, which was on the coffee table. The man became upset and began to argue with Johnson about a set of keys she took out of the bag. Johnson began walking away from the man with the set of keys. He reportedly grabbed Johnson’s shoulder to turn her around and she picked up a Gerber knife off the side table and stabbed him in the right arm.

Johnson then became upset and began to say it was an accident, the complaint stated. The man stated Johnson previously stabbed him in the stomach in Bemidji, but he did not seek charges for that assault.


The medical staff told police the man would have most likely bled out in 10 more minutes if he hadn’t received medical attention.

Johnson has one prior qualified domestic violence related conviction from an incident on April 17, 2017. Johnson’s next court hearing is scheduled Sept. 23.

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