CLC announces fall Honors list

Central Lakes College, Brainerd and Staples, has announced its 2013 fall semester honors list. The President's List includes 330 students who earned a grade-point average of 3.75 to 4.0 while enrolled for at least 12 credits. The Dean's list incl...

Central Lakes College, Brainerd and Staples, has announced its 2013 fall semester honors list.

The President's List includes 330 students who earned a grade-point average of 3.75 to 4.0 while enrolled for at least 12 credits.

The Dean's list includes 404 students who earned a grade-point average of 3.25 to 3.74.
The released honors list does not include students who have requested no release of information.

Central Lakes College serves approximately 6,000 students annually in liberal arts and career education programs.

Honors students from this area include:


Backus, MN
Lisa Ford, Dean's List
Amy Reis, President's List

Baxter, MN
Cathleen Arfstrom, President's List
Jeffrey Arntz, Dean's List
Christopher Bankers, President's List
Allie Berg, Dean's List
Matthew Berscheid, Dean's List
Kelsey Boyd, Dean's List
Brenda Brooks, President's List
Marissa Brown, Dean's List
Michael Crain, Dean's List
Madison Davis-Biessener, President's List
Tiffinni Dewey, President's List
Kaylee Dischinger, President's List
Jerome Enget, Dean's List
Jamin Evensen-Justin, Dean's List
Daria Fritz, President's List
Grace Gammello, President's List
Carli Gilbertson, President's List
Joseph Hammer, Dean's List
Jagar Hanson, Dean's List
Megan Haverkamp, President's List
Nicholas Haverkamp, Dean's List
Sarah Henry-Stawarski, Dean's List
Ruby Hopp, Dean's List
Afton Hubbard, Dean's List
Vanessa Jarmuzek, Dean's List
Abigail Jones, President's List
Emily Jones, President's List
Brent Knutson, Dean's List
Taylor Kramer, Dean's List
Colin Kroll, Dean's List
Bryana Kron, Dean's List
Jared Magstadt, Dean's List
Matthew McDonald, Dean's List
Megan Moddes, Dean's List
Michael Newenhouse, President's List
Linda Nichols, President's List
Andrew O'Hearn, Dean's List
Emily Opay, President's List
Kelcie Parrish, Dean's List
Brady Peacock, Dean's List
Austin Riewer, Dean's List
Ashley Roberts, President's List
Nicole Rubbelke, Dean's List
Shallen Semmler, President's List
Nathan Smith, Dean's List
Samantha Strong, President's List
Emily Thompson, Dean's List
Rachel Tuma, Dean's List
Gunnar Tutt, President's List
Craig Worley, Dean's List
Hunter Yliniemi, President's List
Amy Yost, Dean's List
Kevin Zetah, Dean's List
Lindsay Zitzloff, President's List

Bowlus, MN
Marie Blonigen, Dean's List
Alyssa Kulla, Dean's List
Mariah Prokott, Dean's List
Anne Vos, Dean's List
Dylan Zimmerman, President's List

Brainerd, MN
Bradley Aasen, President's List
Rachel Alexander, Dean's List
Lesli Altergott, Dean's List
Gregory Amundson, Dean's List
Maria Andersen, President's List
Scott Andersen, President's List
Arthur Anderson, Dean's List
Lonie Anderson, Dean's List
Nicole Anderson, Dean's List
Stephanie Anderson, Dean's List
James Ashby, President's List
Miranda Aulie, President's List
Sandra Aydt, Dean's List
Sterling Barringer, Dean's List
Melinda Beach, President's List
Samuel Bedard, Dean's List
Julie Berczyk, President's List
Heather Berry, Dean's List
Keith Billman, President's List
Jacob Blong, President's List
Tyler Blong, President's List
Trista Bordwell, Dean's List
Melissa Boylan, Dean's List
Paul Bremer, Dean's List
Richard Broneak, President's List
Jordan Brownell, Dean's List
Alivia Brunes-Rardin, President's List
Blaine Bubalo, President's List
Eric Budrow, Dean's List
Casey Burnett, President's List
Haley Campbell, Dean's List
Heather Campbell, President's List
Madilyn Carley, Dean's List
Kelsey Carlson, Dean's List
William Carlson, Dean's List
Travis Carter, Dean's List
Amy Castillo, Dean's List
Darrin Chapman, President's List
Thomas Chapman, Dean's List
Stephanie Charles, Dean's List
Kaylin Cherne, Dean's List
Rachel Dallman, President's List
Robert Davidson, President's List
Tiffany Deering, President's List
John Dickinson, President's List
Dalton Dryburgh, Dean's List
Alicia Duckworth, Dean's List
Ethan Duscher, President's List
Sarah Eckberg, President's List
Tonya Elling, Dean's List
Erica Embertson, President's List
Samantha Enberg, Dean's List
Chantell Erickson, President's List
Erin Erickson, President's List
Holly Erickson, Dean's List
Corey Filkins, Dean's List
Sarah Frisch, President's List
Cameron Gabert, President's List
Jason Ganz-Thelen, President's List
Holly Garlo, President's List
Anna Godfrey, Dean's List
Lataya Goedderz, Dean's List
Daniel Gravdahl, Dean's List
Tyler Gubrud, Dean's List
Angela Guderjohn, President's List
Ramantha Hamann, Dean's List
Joshua Hammermeister, President's List
Ashlee Hauble, President's List
Trista Headlee, Dean's List
Abigail Hehner, Dean's List
Rebekah Hoffman, Dean's List
Anne Hofius, President's List
Monica Holbrook, Dean's List
Anne Holker, President's List
Ann Hoshal, Dean's List
Elizabeth Imberi, President's List
Amanda Imgrund, Dean's List
Carly Janssen, Dean's List
Brett Jenkins, Dean's List
Melissa Johnson, Dean's List
Shakyra Johnson, Dean's List
Robert Juaire, President's List
Jennifer Kargel, Dean's List
Erin Karnowski, President's List
Molly Kautz, Dean's List
Kevin Kephart, Dean's List
Andrew Koering, President's List
Chelsea Kraemer, President's List
Dominik Kraemer, Dean's List
Abraham Kretzman, Dean's List
Christopher Krueger, Dean's List
Brittany Kunstleben, President's List
Gary Lane, President's List
Rebecca Larson, President's List
Nichole LeBlanc, Dean's List
Kaylee Lenk, Dean's List
Scott Lennander, President's List
Jodi Liberty, President's List
Caleb Lindberg, President's List
Shawn Long, President's List
Louis Longo, President's List
Alicia Lund, Dean's List
Emma Marie MacArthur, President's List
Brenda Malloy, President's List
Patrick Marsh, President's List
Michael McCapes, President's List
Samantha-Jo McFatridge, Dean's List
Bethany Middagh, Dean's List
Trenton Mills, President's List
Keith Modglin, Dean's List
Colton Mogensen, Dean's List
Karlie Mogensen, President's List
Kaycie Mogensen, President's List
Dennis Musasizi, Dean's List
Malorie Neff, President's List
Emily Nelson, Dean's List
Yessenia Nevarez, President's List
Rachel Norwood, President's List
Timothy O'Reilly, Dean's List
Jamie Osborn, Dean's List
Josiah Osvold, Dean's List
Steven Otterness, Dean's List
Paula Perry, President's List
Gregory Peters, President's List
Daniel Peterson, President's List
Keith Peterson, President's List
Kade Platta, President's List
Austin Polcaro, Dean's List
Serina Poppen, Dean's List
David Premo, Dean's List
Michael Raddatz, President's List
Raychel Raddatz, Dean's List
Charlene Rager, President's List
Trevor Ramsay, President's List
Faith Rhoda, President's List
Elston Rhymer, Dean's List
Jessica Riese, Dean's List
Paige Rivers, Dean's List
Amanda Robak, Dean's List
Hailee Rodman, Dean's List
Lana Rogers, Dean's List
Rebekah Rohde, President's List
Steven Rosdahl, President's List
Cayanne Ruis, President's List
Carrie Rutske, President's List
Chad Schueller, President's List
Andrea Schuety, Dean's List
Kassandra Skogen, Dean's List
Kiara Skogman, Dean's List
Darin Smith, President's List
Marissa Spencer, Dean's List
Allisa Spieker, Dean's List
Krystal Stadig, President's List
James Stearns, President's List
Thomas Stearns, President's List
Melissa Storstad, Dean's List
Tessa Swecker, Dean's List
Herbert Tarpeh, Dean's List
Katelyn Thesing, Dean's List
Eleanor Thompson, Dean's List
Briana Thorkelson, Dean's List
Kathleen Thorson, President's List
Myrna Thrugstad, Dean's List
Anne Toriseva, President's List
Marshall Tousignant, Dean's List
Mitch Treichler, President's List
Braydee Turner, Dean's List
Dawn Van Horn, Dean's List
Shayna Vastila, President's List
Madison Veith, Dean's List
Michael Voss, President's List
Adam Wange, Dean's List
Amanda Wayt, President's List
Jessica Weber, Dean's List
Glen Wetherbee, President's List
Sherie White, Dean's List
Samuel Williams, President's List
Brandon Yaunick, President's List
Timothy Zeglis, Dean's List
Miranda Zilka, Dean's List
Natalie Zimmerman, Dean's List

Breezy Point, MN
Nicole Barta, President's List
Emily Bickford, President's List
Brittany Chisholm, Dean's List
McKenzie Dale, Dean's List
Adam Glenski, Dean's List
Patricia Harris, Dean's List
Nicholas Leifeld, Dean's List
Megan Malecha, President's List
Whitney Marchwick, Dean's List
Kayla Miller, President's List
Jessica Nies, Dean's List
Alexander Tangen, President's List
Zachary Trottier, President's List
Kaitlyn Yutrzenka, President's List
Jette Ziesemer, President's List

Browerville, MN
Emily Busch, Dean's List
Mary Dvorak, Dean's List
Donna Jo Koval, President's List
Elijah Rick, President's List
Quinn Rick, President's List
Mallory Sand, President's List
Anna Stevens, Dean's List

Burtrum, MN
Jeffrey Halverson, Dean's List
Jeremy Halverson, President's List
Kimberly Mayer, Dean's List
Aaron Ripplinger, President's List
Lynelle Vetsch, President's List
Brooke Westrich, President's List

Cosby, MN
Jessie Hancock, Dean's List


Crosby, MN
Isaac Allen, President's List
Maridel Anderson, Dean's List
Brianna Ferrari, President's List
Tiffany Hallin, Dean's List
Gary Heinonen, President's List
Brian Jarvela, President's List
Barbara Kramer, President's List
Dawn Nelson, Dean's List
Bobbi Rono, Dean's List
Haley Schneider, Dean's List
Hannah Taylor, Dean's List
Kryston Wiseley, Dean's List

Cross Lake, MN
Angela Cole, President's List
Jackson Goerges, Dean's List
Erika Monson, Dean's List
Mariah Reed, Dean's List
Kale Wurdeman, Dean's List

Crosslake, MN
Rachel Allen, Dean's List
Sabrina Becker, President's List
Kirby Glad, President's List
Jonathan Mickelson, Dean's List
Debra Mitchell, Dean's List
Cody Nash, Dean's List
Samantha Nelson, President's List
Rylee Prouty, President's List

Deerwood, MN
Benjamin Anderson, Dean's List
Michael Bertram, President's List
Jared Bundy, Dean's List
Hali Danielson, President's List
Amanda Johnson, Dean's List
Molly McCusker, President's List
Nicholas Parks, President's List
Courtnie Smith, Dean's List
Jane Stromberg, Dean's List
Shannon Taylor, Dean's List
Miriam Turner, Dean's List
David Wimmer, Dean's List
James Wisniewski, President's List

East Gull Lake, MN
Rebekah Bjorlo, Dean's List
Maiah Maki, President's List
Haley Norton, President's List
Nathan Olson, Dean's List
Austin Williams, Dean's List
Randy Ylinen, President's List

Fifty Lakes, MN
Rachel Maschhoff, Dean's List

Flensberg, MN
Adam Frank, Dean's List

Fort Ripley, MN
Jenica Ferrian, Dean's List
Golden Fisk, Dean's List
Katie Fleischhacker, Dean's List
Wade Geisenhof, Dean's List
Joshua Hofmann, President's List
Haley Hoskins, Dean's List
David Kelley, Dean's List
Randall Oldenburg, Dean's List
Jodi Preiss, President's List
Christopher Sundeen, President's List
Emily Trtanj, Dean's List


Garrison, MN
Shawna Sam, Dean's List

Grey Eagle, MN
Ruthie Flaa, President's List

Hackensack, MN
Brittany Goble, President's List
Ariana Schendel, President's List

Hillman, MN
Nicole Blaisdell, Dean's List
Maggie Gruber, Dean's List
Nicole Hoheisel, Dean's List
Alyssa LaSart, Dean's List
Kali Meyer, Dean's List
Anthony Weisz, President's List

Ironton, MN
Ruth Beckrich, President's List
Trenton Blom, Dean's List
Rikki Franz, President's List
Cameron Larson, Dean's List
Merissa Louks, Dean's List
Steven Verdon, President's List
Benjamin Westin, Dean's List

Jenkins, MN
Kelsey Hart, Dean's List

Lake Shore, MN
August Anderson, President's List
Anna Bieganek, Dean's List

Lakeshore, MN
Ashley Eastman, Dean's List


Little Falls, MN
Alyssa Athman, President's List
Amanda Bialke, Dean's List
John Brezinka, Dean's List
Meade Erickson, President's List
Nicole Ginter, Dean's List
Candis Karnowski, Dean's List
Chelsey Karnowski, President's List
Alexandra Lehrke, Dean's List
Neil Leisenheimer, Dean's List
Adam Maleski, President's List
Abigail Marts, President's List
Eric Olson, Dean's List
Christian Pekarek, Dean's List
Robyn Przybilla, Dean's List
Miranda Reed, Dean's List
Jonti Roos, Dean's List
Kimberly Rutz, President's List
Jacob Scott, President's List
Dustin Simmonds, Dean's List
Acacia Smith, President's List
Michelle Sobiech, Dean's List
Shayna St. Onge, Dean's List
Jamison Stanek, Dean's List
Ashley Strom, President's List
Rebecca Szczodroski, President's List
Bryce Tschida, Dean's List
Brittany Walter, President's List
Paige Waltman, President's List
Tammy Weigel, Dean's List

Long Prairie, MN
Jack Allen, Dean's List
Caleb Alnes, President's List
Laura Becker, Dean's List
Trevor Bergmann, President's List
Derek Eberle, Dean's List
Jennifer Gulseth, Dean's List
Anna Koetters, Dean's List
Taylor Larson, Dean's List
Brooklyn Levin, President's List
Payton Long, President's List
Hanna Loxtercamp, President's List
Emily Mettler, President's List
Austin Mogard, President's List
Froylan Perez-Orozco, Dean's List
Katelyn Rohr, Dean's List
Katherine Schultz, Dean's List
Joel Sheneberger, Dean's List
Kristin Soule, Dean's List
Allyssa Twardowski, President's List
Autumn Urman, Dean's List
Ryan Welters, President's List
Kyle Winge, President's List
Michelle Wiuff, Dean's List

Longville, MN
Dayna Merten, President's List

Menahga, MN
Candice Carlson, President's List
Zachary Hillstrom, President's List
David Kumpula, President's List
Megan Lintner, Dean's List

Merrifield, MN
Debra Albrecht, Dean's List
Steven Box, President's List
Jacqueline Brine-Doyle, President's List
Joshua Collins, Dean's List
Nicholas Gabrielson, President's List
Daniel Heath, President's List
Annah Jacobson, Dean's List
Nathan Jordan, Dean's List
Beau Peterson, President's List
Daniel Roach, President's List
Gary Robinson, President's List
Gary Sommer, President's List
Danielle Trimble, Dean's List

Motley, MN
Seth Auger, Dean's List
Chrystina Gangestad, Dean's List
Angela Goff, Dean's List
Kaylee Hanowski, Dean's List
Jessica Hobson, President's List
Tressa Jares, President's List
Nicholas Johnson, Dean's List
Jennifer Kriegl, President's List
Peter Parsons, President's List
James Uhlman, President's List
Tiffany Wierenga, President's List
Korey Zetah, President's List

Nisswa, MN
Kaitlyn Christianson, President's List
Eric Doucette, Dean's List
Samantha Gonnion, Dean's List
Brandon Halberstadt, Dean's List
Samantha Hamlin, Dean's List
Kimberly Jensen, President's List
Nicholas Nelson, Dean's List
Merissa Olson, President's List
Danielle Palmer, Dean's List
Daniel Petersen, Dean's List
Elizabeth Thurlow, President's List
Cassandra Wiewel, Dean's List
Emily Withers, President's List

Pequot Lakes, MN
Austen Anderson, Dean's List
Patricia Brennan, Dean's List
Emilee Buell, President's List
Jason Conklin, President's List
Angela Ellenburg, Dean's List
Emma Endicott, President's List
Eleanor Erholtz, President's List
Oliver Erholtz, Dean's List
Christian Freeburg, Dean's List
Cole Funk, Dean's List
Megan Glover, Dean's List
Leanna Gonsorowski, Dean's List
Joshua Gudahl, Dean's List
Kelly Herron, President's List
Carley Hoffman, Dean's List
Megan Johnson, Dean's List
Hannah Kostecka, President's List
Jennifer Larson, Dean's List
Tina Laxen, Dean's List
Patrick Loven, President's List
Alex Morford, President's List
Haylie Murphey, President's List
Jacob Nygren, Dean's List
Nicklas Olson, Dean's List
Mark Rieschl, President's List
Caitlin Ryan, President's List
Emily Schroeder, Dean's List
Shannon Steele, Dean's List
Jeannette Watt, Dean's List
Jasmine Woodwick, Dean's List


Pierz, MN
Kyle Becker, President's List
Bailey Boser, Dean's List
Curtis Boser, Dean's List
Shelbie Boser, President's List
Mitchell Czech, Dean's List
Rebecca Czech, Dean's List
Kyra Engen, Dean's List
Ellie Feld, President's List
Adam Freitag, Dean's List
Kendra Fuhrman, President's List
Mark Galbreath, Dean's List
Jordon Goebel, Dean's List
Samantha Gross, Dean's List
Jessica Hawks, President's List
Dana Hennen, Dean's List
Amanda Hennessy, Dean's List
Mercede Karppinen, Dean's List
Karleen Krych, Dean's List
Abbey Leikvoll, Dean's List
Austin Leikvoll, President's List
Gregg Matlock, President's List
Cody Meyer, President's List
Michael Meyer, President's List
Tyler Millner, Dean's List
Raneyl Moren, Dean's List
Kelsey Moulzolf, Dean's List
Kimberly Muehlbauer, Dean's List
Taylor Otremba, Dean's List
Alysia Przybilla, President's List
Cory Rauch, President's List
Damien Rietveld, Dean's List
Rebecca Schlegel, Dean's List
Kalven Schraut, Dean's List
Robert Skiba, President's List
Ryley Smude, President's List
Tracy Solinger, President's List
Sarah Stangl, President's List
Brett Stumpf, Dean's List
Michael Talbert, President's List
Daniel Tautges-Thesing, President's List
Bradley Trapp, Dean's List
Raychel Virnig, President's List
Trisha Welle, Dean's List

Pillager, MN
Kassie Anderson, Dean's List
Jason Barg, Dean's List
Nicole Barrett, Dean's List
Bruce Bertram, President's List
Hannah Gaalswyk, Dean's List
Hailey Hinrichs, Dean's List
Devrin House, President's List
Eric Jensen, President's List
Beau Johnson, Dean's List
Richard Kelm, President's List
Kristi Lofquist, President's List
Myrna Martin, Dean's List
Kelly Mast, President's List
Jacob Moon, Dean's List
Larry Schwegel, President's List
Justin Storm, President's List
Benjamin Thoele, Dean's List
Torri Thompson, Dean's List
Scott Wetzel, President's List

Pine River, MN
Mandy Fontenot, President's List
Sheila Mills, Dean's List
Jason Nordlund, President's List
Sarah Rudlang, President's List
Jamie Schneider, President's List
Brian Tisdell, President's List
Colleen Tschida, President's List

Randall, MN
Amber Hines, Dean's List
Sarah Hines, Dean's List
Shawn Jacobson, Dean's List
Peter Pfeffer, President's List
Michelle Pietz, Dean's List
Brenda Rausch, Dean's List
Erin Rausch, President's List
Thomas Strack, President's List
Stacy Wise, Dean's List

Remer, MN
Makendra Anderson, Dean's List
Alexandra Burch, President's List
Hannah Myers, President's List

Riverton, MN
Seth Pakarinen, President's List

Royalton, MN
Sierra Cavegn, Dean's List
Mitchell McCallson, President's List
Beth Oldakowski, President's List
Emily Stich, Dean's List
Jessica Teague, Dean's List

Sebeka, MN
Jada Hauser, Dean's List
Kalea Hauser, Dean's List


Staples, MN
Antonio Caudillo, Dean's List
Melissa Daniels, President's List
Heather Davis, Dean's List
Kathryn DeGeest, President's List
Michael Denny, President's List
Roger Dukowitz, President's List
Chad Fishman, President's List
Kelsey Hales, President's List
Shane Hamberg, Dean's List
Timothy Hepokoski, President's List
Michael Hoemberg, Dean's List
Julie Jackson, Dean's List
Jessica Murphy, President's List
Kelly Pearson, Dean's List
Paul Petrich, President's List
Rebecca Pugsley, President's List
AshleyAnn Ridge, President's List
Robert Schafer, President's List
Milo Spilman, President's List
Brent Sterriker, Dean's List
Matthew Stone, Dean's List
Thomas Toepper, President's List
Kendra Wentworth, Dean's List

Swanville, MN
Shanna Brenhaug, President's List
Katlin Kruzel, Dean's List
Corey Poland, Dean's List
Nicole Primus, President's List
Amanda Rieffer, President's List
Jessica Staricka, President's List

Upsala, MN
Danica Cheney, President's List
Erik Kiley, Dean's List
Mitchell Lange, President's List

Verndale, MN
Gary Doroff, Dean's List

Wadena, MN
Amanda Reger, President's List

Walker, MN
Jeremiah Hanson, President's List

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