APPLE VALLEY, Minn. — A 23-year-old Apple Valley father was charged with assaulting his infant son, fracturing his bones in more than two dozen places, the Dakota County attorney’s office announced Wednesday, Aug. 14.

Fredy Josue Gonzales Guevara was charged with one count of first-degree assault, according to Dakota County Attorney Jim Backstrom.

“The baby has suffered over 30 bone fractures throughout his body as a result of these injuries,” Backstrom’s office said in a statement announcing the charges.

The criminal complaint gave the following details related to Gonzales Guevara, of Apple Valley:

The mother brought the 2-month-old baby to the hospital on Aug. 4 after she realized he was having problems moving his left arm. She returned on Aug. 11 when it seemed that the condition had worsened.

The doctor said the arm was fractured and that the injury would have “required a substantial amount of force.” Upon further examination, it was discovered the baby had more than 30 broken bones. Some of the fractures were healing, indicating they had been inflicted earlier.

When questioned by police, Gonzales Guevara gave conflicting versions of how the injuries happened.

In one version, he claimed that the baby might have had his rib cage broken when he pulled him out of a car seat. Later, he said that was a lie and that the injuries probably had occurred weeks before when he was changing a dirty diaper. The baby kicked, he said, so he grabbed both of the infant’s legs and pushed them “forcefully up and apart.”

Later, Gonzales Guevara said he thought he’d broken the baby’s arm when he “grabbed it and squeezed with force in an attempt to stop the infant from crying.”