A 35-year-old Brainerd man with an extensive history of violent criminal behavior — including at least 12 prior domestic violence related offenses — is again in court for domestic assault.

Jossiye Marvin DuBray was charged with three felonies for stalking and domestic assault Friday, Jan. 10, in Crow Wing County District Court in Brainerd. Judige Patricia A. Aanes denied an order for a public defender and set $100,000 unconditional bail or $50,000 bail with conditions. Conditions include not leaving Minnesota without written court approval, no contact with the victim, no possession of firearms or dangerous weapons and following the domestic assault no contact order. DuBray, who was in the Crow Wing County Jail Monday, will appear in court next at 8:30 a.m. Jan. 22.

According to the probable cause court document filed against DuBray, Brainerd police were called Jan. 7 to Casey’s General Store on Lum Park Road to meet with a woman who reported she was the victim of an ongoing domestic assault by DuBray.

The woman told police a verbal argument with DuBray Jan. 3 turned violent. She stated he got in her face and in self-defense she put her hands up, placing them on his chest, pushing him back. In retaliation, DuBray began pushing her and cut her lip, causing a bloody lip and bloody nose. He grabbed her, threw her down on the bed in the bedroom and then climbed on top of her and placed an open palm hand around her neck, the complaint stated. She attempted to yell at DuBray and fight back, but each time she attempted to retaliate, DuBray squeezed on her neck harder. The woman stated this physical altercation ended when she told DuBray they should just go to bed and forget about everything that happened.

The woman stated Dubray assaulted her again Jan. 5, punching her in the ribs and the back after she refused to take her clothes off. She also told police DuBray grabbed her tank top from behind, choking her.

On Jan. 7, the woman was able to leave the residence and contacted law enforcement officers to meet her at Casey’s. Officers made contact with DuBray who stated he was trying to get the woman out of his house. He denied any physical altercations ever occurred. When questioned about the bruises on the woman, DuBray stated they were hickeys and the woman has a medical condition that caused her to bruise easily. DuBray was arrested.

Dubray has prior domestic violence related offenses dating back to 2005. He has at least five domestic violence convictions from the state of Nebraska, three from South Dakota and four in Minnesota. DuBray also was convicted July 26, 2012, of terroristic threats and stalking; a domestic abuse-no contact order violation on Aug. 27, 2012; and felony domestic assault by strangulation on March 1, 2017.