BAGLEY, Minn. A Bagley woman is dead after being stabbed by her neighbor Monday night, Sept. 7, according to the Clearwater County Sheriff's Office.

The sheriff's office identified the victim as 53-year-old Dawn Louise Swenson.

Christopher James Colgrove, 27, of Bagley has been booked into the Clearwater County Jail and will be arraigned on a second-degree murder charge on Wednesday, Sept. 9.

Around 8:30 p.m. on Sept. 7, officers from the Clearwater County Sheriff’s Office and the Bagley Police Department responded to a medical emergency following a dispute on the 14000 block of 336th Street in Bagley.

According to the sheriff, officers made contact with Colgrove who became uncooperative and one of the officers tried to deploy their Taser.

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"It malfunctioned. It didn't even deploy at that point," said Sheriff Darin Halverson.

Colgrove ran away. When searching the street for him, officers heard a woman inside the house yelling and observed a struggle between the woman and Colgrove. They believe he got in thru an unlocked door, and then locked the door behind him.

Officers then attempted to subdue the individual with a stun gun with the victim in between.

"The Taser was deployed and it kind of had an effect for a second or two, then the probe fell out," explained Halverson who said it could have been because Colgrove was extremely high on meth.

"That's when the knife came out," said Halverson.

Swenson was stabbed in the neck and chest.

Colgrove ran out of the house into a wooded area.

Officers provided first aid to Swenson who was taken to Sanford Bagley Medical Center in Bagley where she was pronounced dead.

Authorities searched for Colgrove through the night and found him when he returned to his Erbo home just before 6:30 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 8.

"People fear it all the time, and I hear it all the time, we have to get these drugs off the streets and we absolutely do, this is an example of what can happen," said Halverson.

Police say Colgrove and Swenson barely knew each other, if at all.

"The woman (Swenson) was living at the house to take care of her elderly mother, and her mother was in the hospital at this moment, which was potentially a good thing, said Halverson.

The sheriff says the reason they never put out a public alert for Colgrove is because officers felt they had a strong perimeter set up, both on land and int he air, and there were only 3 homes within that perimeter; the victim's home, Colgrove's home and his parents' home.