A 35-year-old Brainerd man, who has multiple previous domestic violence offenses, is in Crow Wing County Jail for allegedly assaulting a woman multiple times.

Ryan Gerald Buersken was charged April 16 in Crow Wing County District Court with two felonies, stalking and domestic assault by strangulation; and two gross misdemeanors, domestic assault and endangering a child during a situation where harm or death could be caused.

Ryan Gerald Buersken
Ryan Gerald Buersken

Brainerd police were called at 3:24 p.m. April 14 to a domestic disturbance at an apartment on Laurel Street in Brainerd. The caller reported hearing yelling and screaming at one of the apartment units. Officers arrived and spoke with a woman who appeared very nervous, physically shaking, speaking rapidly, and stuttering constantly, the probable cause court document stated.

The woman advised police that Buersken, who is known to her, was downstairs. Officers made contact with Buersken, who was in a bedroom lying in a bed, who initially appeared to have been sleeping. He advised the officer that he was very ill, the complaint stated. Officers advised Buersken that due to a reported argument he was being asked to leave the residence and to avoid contact with the woman until things cooled off.

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The officers took a statement from the woman who stated on occasion Buersken gets mad at her for being too loud and physically covers her mouth or grabs her by the neck to keep her from speaking. She stated he frequently covers her mouth and neck so hard that she cannot breathe and that was what occurred that day. The woman was trying to take a nap because the baby was taking a nap and Buersken got angry with her and grabbed her from behind around her throat and she couldn't breathe and it felt like her eyes were bulging out, the complaint stated. She told officers in March Buersken threw her into the kitchen and she injured her back. She believes she had scars from glass that may still be inside her back. Officers observed a large purple scar on the left lower side of her back. Another time, Buersken had thrown her head into the floor and she injured her head, which had caused her to have a bald spot on the right side of her head. She stated the injury did not currently hurt, but there was no hair growing back.

As officers were speaking with the woman they asked her if she needed to be treated for her hand as it was completely black and blue on the top and had a deep dark bruise right in the middle of the palm of her hand. The woman did not state where the injury came from and repeatedly declined medical attention for the injury to her hand. She also had a fingerprint size bruise on her right wrist as well.

The woman agreed to allow the officers to take pictures of her injuries. They found multiple bruises on both legs, front, back and sides on her. She could not identify when those bruises took place, but officers observed some of them appeared to be yellowing and brown in color, as if old, and some of them were dark blue and black, as if they were fresh.

The woman had very large fresh dark bruises on the back side of her left upper arm and multiple small fingerprint sized bruises all over her arms. She had a bruise on her upper chest area and some light redness to both sides of her neck. During the course of the conversation, the woman continually cleared her throat, which is often consistent with injuries following a strangulation assault, the complaint stated. The woman repeatedly denied medical attention.

The woman also told officers she did not want to get Buersken, who denied any physical altercation took place, in trouble.

Buersken has six prior qualified domestic violence related offenses going back to 2005. In 2015, Buersken was convicted of domestic assault where the original felony charge was reduced to a misdemeanor conviction, court records indicate.

A warrant for Buersken’s arrest was filed Friday, April 16, when he was apprehended and then appeared for his first court hearing. The Brainerd man is being held on $200,000 bail with no conditions or $100,000 with conditions, including no contact with the victim, not possessing or using a firearm or any dangerous weapon; and not using alcohol or controlled substances or entering any bar or liquor establishment.

His next court appearance is April 28.