Two Brainerd men are behind bars after a victim called 911 reporting she was held at gunpoint by two male suspects.

Cortoren Andrew Shegog, 25, and Andres Enrique Maier, 38, both appeared Friday, May 28, separately in Crow Wing County District Court to hear the felony charges filed against them. Maier was charged with first-degree aggravated robbery with a dangerous weapon, second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon and kidnapping; and Shegog was charged with aiding and abetting Maier on all three felony counts.

Cortoren Andrew Shegog
Cortoren Andrew Shegog

The charges stem from a call at 1:39 p.m. May 27 dispatching Brainerd police officers to a report of a female victim held at gunpoint by the two men. The victim reported she was on the 600 block of James Street when two men known to her arrived and accused her of stealing a computer, the court document stated on the charges against the two men. The victim was inside the trailer home with two other adult victims identified as M.F. and L.C.

Andres Enrique Maier
Andres Enrique Maier

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When Shegog and Maier arrived, M.F. allowed them into the trailer. Maier and Shegog demanded the woman produce a laptop they believed she stole from Shegog. Maier brandished a black pistol the woman watched him load. The woman was struck in the back of the head multiple times by the suspects by unknown means, the complaint stated.

Shegog and Maier demanded property at the trailer. M.F. gave them a television and an air conditioning unit to appease them. At one point Maier pointed the gun at the back of the woman’s head and she was ordered out of the residence to Shegog’s vehicle. Shegog then drove with Maier in the vehicle and the woman to multiple residences in Brainerd, demanding his laptop.

Officers located Shegog soon after the report to police at his residence on Pine Street in Brainerd. Shegog was in possession of the laptop he stated he believed the woman stole from him. Shegog provided a Mirandized statement. According to the complaint, Shegog changed his accounts of what occurred during his statements, eventually admitting he went to the trailer with his friend Maier to get back property that belonged to him. Shegog stated Maier had a gun with him when at the residence, but he denied knowing he had it before they arrived there.

Officers located Maier soon after locating Shegog. Maier was at his residence on Oak Street. Maier was taken into custody and officers located a .45 caliber pistol round in his pants pocket. A search warrant was applied for and granted to search Maier’s residence for the firearm used in the robbery, assaults and kidnapping of the woman. Officers located four firearms, one of them being a black pistol with red on it that matched the statements of the victims.

Maier provided a Mirandized statement at the jail to an investigator. Maier stated he went to the trailer with Shegog because “known thieves were there that he believed had stolen from Shegog and him,” the complaint stated. Maier stated while at the trailer he located a pistol inside that had been previously stolen from him. Maier said he was angry and admitted holding the pistol in his hands. Maier said he did take possession of a television from M.F. while there and left the residence with it.

Shegog and Maier are being housed in Crow Wing County Jail in Brainerd and both are being represented by a public defender. Bail for Shegog was set at $500,000 with no conditions or $250,000 with conditions to include no contact with the victims, not possessing or using any firearms or dangerous weapons and not possessing alcohol or controlled substances.

Bail for Maier was set at $300,000 with no conditions or $150,000 with the same conditions ordered for Shegog.

Shegog’s next court hearing is scheduled at 10 a.m. June 9 and Maier’s next appearance is at 8:30 a.m. June 17.