A 26-year-old Brainerd man faces felony assault and burglary charges aftering assaulting another man after a night of drinking.

Kurt Allister Kent was charged Friday, June 4, in Crow Wing County District Court with two felony counts of first-degree burglary, which include assaulting a person and entering an occupied dwelling; gross misdemeanor of obstructing the legal process and two misdemeanors of fifth-degree assault and disorderly conduct

According to the probable cause court document filed against Kent, Brainerd police were called at 3:10 a.m. June 3 to a report of an assault happening at a property on Terrace Avenue. The 911 dispatcher told officers they could hear the assault occurring while on the phone with the reporting party, who was the next door neighbor. A man, later identified as Kent, was assaulting a female at the location.

Kurt Allister Kent
Kurt Allister Kent

Officers arrived on scene and Kent, described as 6-foot, 3-inches tall, weighing 240 pounds and having “a muscular build.” walked toward the squad car with his hands on his head. The officer ordered Kent to get on the ground and he did not comply and continuously asked "Why?" the complaint stated. After being told several times, Kent did drop to his knees, but continued to be noncompliant and would not put his hands behind his back when ordered to do so.

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After being ordered to place his hands behind his back several times and not complying, Kent then began to stand up and took a step towards the officer. The officer ordered Kent back down to his knees or he would be tased, and then Kent turned and walked away. Another officer grabbed hold of Kent's right arm and attempted a take down, but Kent spun and pulled away from the officer, then began walking away again. The officers then grabbed hold of Kent's right arm and were able to take him down to the ground. Kent landed face down on the ground and immediately pulled his arms underneath his body.

After a long altercation — which resulted in one of the officer’s body camera and radio being ripped from his uniform — pepper spray and a taser were deployed and Kent was taken into custody. Kent continued to fight with officers and it took three officers to get him into the squad car.

Officers then obtained a recorded statement from neighbors, a husband and wife, who said they and another neighbor were at the bars in downtown Brainerd drinking earlier during the night. They said the third neighbor met Kent at the bar and she invited Kent back to her residence.

The husband told officers the woman needed help getting Kent out of her residence because he was intoxicated. The neighbor woke Kent up, who then became extremely angered. Kent pushed the neighbor to the ground and began choking him with both of his hands wrapped around his throat, the complaint stated. The man was able to get away from Kent and managed to make his way out of the neighbor’s residence, but Kent followed him and threw him to the ground. The man said he landed in the roadway in front of his house and received several lacerations to his body.

The man said both his wife and neighbor were attempting to separate Kent from and he did manage to get away from Kent. The wife told the officer that there was blood inside the entryway from the incident. She stated her husband got away from Kent and went into their house, but Kent followed and kicked the front door open, then pushed him up against the walls in the entryway. The wife said she went inside after Kent and was able to get Kent to stop and exit the house, which is when officers arrived on scene.

Kent, who has since been released from jail, has his next court hearing Sept. 2.