A Brainerd man with a history of domestic violence is in jail facing new assault and stalking criminal charges.

Kip Lamarr Bohlke, 29, was charged Friday, July 16, in Crow Wing County District Court in Brainerd with four felonies — stalking, third-degree assault and two counts of domestic assault.

According to the criminal complaint filed against Bohlke, Brainerd police were advised at 1:35 a.m. July 15 of a 911 hang up in the area of the 300 block of North Eighth Street. The Crow Wing County dispatcher said when they called back, a female answered but would not respond to questions from the dispatcher.

Officers responded to an apartment and made contact with Bohlke, who was known to police through previous contacts, and asked where the woman, who was also known to police, was located. Bohlke said she was in the bedroom and the police sergeant directed Bohlke to stand in the doorway with the other officers.

Kip Lamar Bohlke
Kip Lamar Bohlke

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The sergeant proceeded to the bedroom and saw the woman hunched over in a fetal-like position, crying on a bed. The woman had her head in her hands, shielding her face away from the sergeant, who asked her what happened. The woman said she and Bohlke, with whom she was acquainted, had been arguing. She said when she did not give him what he wanted, he wrapped both of his arms around her neck and began to squeeze, which hurt and restricted her breathing. When she told him she could not breathe and was telling him to stop, he continued to press and compress harder on her neck, causing her to almost lose consciousness.

The victim said Bohlke was shouting and swearing at her to the point where she believed if she did not get away he would hurt her more. She was finally able to pull away from Bohlke, stand up and walk away to another side of the room where she was attempting to get dressed. She was facing toward a dresser in the corner of the room when Bohlke got out of bed and pushed her into the wall.

The woman said as Bohlke pushed her into the wall he hit her in the back with a close-handed fist. She first landed on her spine, which caused her pain and hurt when she tried to move. She eventually ended up sitting with her back against the wall and Bohlke continued to yell at her. Bohlke then hit her on the left side of the face with a close-handed fist. He eventually left the room to go outside and she also left the room with her cellphone and called 911.

The woman also told officers about an incident from July 13 in which they got into a physical altercation where Bohlke struck her several times, pushed her down to the ground, kicked her in the ribs, punched her in the abdomen and hit her ears.

The woman denied medical attention on several occasions when asked, but eventually agreed to be transported to the emergency room by police. Medical records indicated the woman suffered a transverse process fracture of lumbar vertebra, which is the low back area where Bohlke punched and kicked her on July 13, the criminal complaint stated.

Court records indicate Bohlke has at least five prior domestic violence related convictions within the past 10 years, including an Aug. 18, 2017, conviction for third-degree assault and a July 27, 2017, conviction for stalking.

Bohlke, who remains in custody, is next scheduled to appear in court Aug. 16.