Criminal charges say man used gun to assault woman

Breezy Point man faces criminal charges for alleged assault and stalking incident. The man also is accused of assaulting police officers.

Crow Wing County Judicial Center, Brainerd

A 34-year-old Breezy Point man, allegedly in possession of at least two guns and wearing a tactical style vest, faces felony charges after a domestic assault at a Breezy Point residence.

Ryan Micah Delapena was charged Monday, April 5, in Crow Wing County District Court with two felonies — second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon and engaging in stalking; and gross misdemeanor fourth-degree assault of a police officer.

Ryan Micah Delapena
Ryan Micah Delapena

According to the probable cause court document, Breezy Point police were called at 8:08 p.m. Friday to a domestic assault involving a gun at a residence on Second Avenue. While responding, the 911 dispatcher advised responding officers Delapena had used a firearm, was in possession of at least two guns and was reportedly wearing a tactical style vest. The dispatcher also told officers it was believed Delapena would not go easily when dealing with law enforcement. The victim, police learned, was at a neighbor’s house when the 911 call was made.


Upon arrival, the Breezy Point officer saw Delapena in the residence looking out the front door. The officer called out to him and received no response. Officers made the decision to back away, set up a perimeter and attempted phone contact with Delapena. An officer was able to get Delapena on the phone and was able to convince him to come outside, unarmed with his arms raised above his head. Officers approached with weapons drawn and searched Delapena, who had a pocket knife on him.

While speaking with Delapena, he denied assaulting anyone and inquired why officers were there. He then stated he and the victim had an argument as she was upset he had been drinking.

Other officers arrived and searched the immediate area for weapons. Delapena started yelling at an officer for looking in his vehicle. He then approached the officer in an aggressive manner and pushed him. When officers tried to take control of Delapena, he stiffened his arms and pushed another officer. After a struggle, officers took Delapena to the ground, placed handcuffs on him and placed him in a squad car.

The victim told officers she was in fear for her life, according to the complaint. She stated Delapena showed her a specific bullet he said was for her if she called the police. She indicated she was less than 6 feet from him when he discharged the gun in the garage and he had her pinned behind the front door when he discharged the gun near her. She stated one of the guns had a light on it and the light at one point was near or on her head. She stated she was able to get away and run to the neighbor’s house when she told him she had to let the dog out.

Officers were able to locate both shell casings and also recovered one of the projectiles that had been fired in the exact location described by the victim.

Delapena directed officers to two handguns and the vest inside the residence, which matched the weapons as described by the victim. Also recovered were two spent shell casings.

On April 14, 2020, the victim was granted an order for protection against Delapena. In her application for the order she reported three written pages of violent, abusive and controlling behavior by Delapena. The victim specifically outlined an incident, which occurred on June 29, 2019, wherein Delapena assaulted her while they were camping. During that assault, Delapena bit her face and ear, held her down and strangled her to the point where she could not breathe. She begged Delapena to stop the assault, and he then punched her in the stomach multiple times, punched her in the right breast, knocking the wind out of her and sexually assaulted her.

Other assaults took place in May and July of 2019. Six months after the order for protection was granted, the victim requested its dismissal.


The district judge ordered $100,000 bail with no conditions or $20,000 with conditions to include he cannot enter the victim’s residence or place of employment or make contact with the victim, he cannot leave the state without written court approval, he cannot possess any firearms or dangerous weapons or use alcohol or controlled substances and he must follow the domestic abuse no contact order.

Delapena was released from jail and his next court hearing is scheduled April 28.

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