Crosby community learns about Level 3 offender

CROSBY--It was learned Tuesday that a 35-year-old predatory offender, who is moving to the Crosby-Ironton area, does not follow the typical characteristics of a Level 3 case.

Dagan Michael Lasart
Dagan Michael Lasart

CROSBY-It was learned Tuesday that a 35-year-old predatory offender, who is moving to the Crosby-Ironton area, does not follow the typical characteristics of a Level 3 case.

Dagan Michael Lasart, who will move Thursday to a residence near Crow Wing County Road 28 and Lake Road in Irondale Township in Crow Wing County, did not know his victim, who was an adult.

Sarah Hustad of the Minnesota Department of Corrections said 14 percent of the Level 3 predatory offenders do not know their victim and about a third of the victims are adults. Hustad spoke to about 15 people Tuesday, who attended a community notification meeting in the Crosby City Council Chambers. The purpose of the meeting was to educate residents about Level 3 predatory offenders to enhance public safety and to discuss Lasart's history, as he is a new Level 3 predatory offender in the city. Lasart was in the St. Cloud area.

Lasart was wearing a mask when he gained access to the victim by entering her residence without permission. He used force and a weapon to gain compliance. Contact included sexual touching.

Hustad said Lasart was charged in 2004 for first- and second-degree criminal sexual conduct, first-degree burglary and first-degree assault in Benton County. He was convicted on the burglary charge, but not on the criminal sexual conduct counts. Not being convicted on the criminal sexual conduct is another characteristic not common with a Level 3 offender. He was sentenced to four years in prison and conditions of his release included that he must register as a predatory offender as his original charges showed he had a pattern of criminal sexual conduct.


Lasart is 5 feet, 8 inches and weighs 176 pounds. He has hazel eyes and brown hair.

When Lasart was released from prison he was assigned as a Level 2 offender. He was sent back to prison in 2012 for receiving stolen property and for failing to register as a predatory offender. When he was released in 2013, his risk level grew to a Level 3. He failed to register as a predatory offender in 2014 and 2016 and was sent back to prison.

Hustad said housing was a huge issue for Lasart. She said during the latter part of his prison times, he had to be behind bars because he couldn't find housing. Lasart was released during the day to look for work and housing, but jailed at night.

Hustad said Lasart will be on intense supervised watch through July 16, as his supervision period will then end. However, he will be required to register as a predatory offender through November of 2036.

"His supervision may be ending, but he still will be held accountable and have to register," Hustad said. "Law enforcement still will be monitoring him randomly."

DOC Agent Brian Maturi, one of four agents who will monitor the Level 3 offender, said Lasart will be on GPS monitoring and random checks will be done to make sure he is doing what he is suppose to do. He cannot use alcohol, internet, cannot have any sexually explicit materials and cannot have contact with minors.

"Our main goal with him is to get him adjusted to this community," Maturi said. "The better he becomes adjusted the better."

Hustad told the audience education is key and that they should not focus on the Level 3 offender. She said this offender is most likely not the person who will commit a crime. She said the person who will commit a crime will not be on the citizen's radar and could be someone who has never been convicted.


"Teaching our kids about stranger danger is wrong," Hustad said. "It's most likely going to be someone the victim knows ... This information is so hard to hear, it's tough stuff. However, we are not intending to scare you, we want to raise awareness. We need to think about how to talk to kids and kids need to know how to talk to adults. About two-thirds of people are victimized before age 18. Ninety percent of the offenders do not reoffend, 90 percent are known to their victim and 90 percent have not been convicted. It's about relationships."

Heidi Fairchild of Sexual Assault Services in Brainerd agreed and said only a small number of sexual assaults are reported. Fairchild said education is important and parents need to be aware of the signs of a victim who was sexually assaulted. Fairchild suggests parents have "Family Safety Night" and talk about things to keep their children safe from online predators to having them feel comfortable about talking about any abuse.

Sgt. Andy Galles of Crow Wing County Sheriff's Office said he has five children and he said he is not worried about the Level 3 offenders, because he knows who they are. Galles said he is more concerned about the other person who may be committing a crime.

"I'd rather give my kids the information they need about sexual predators than for them to hear about it from a kid on the school bus," Galles said.

Galles said the sheriff's office will continue to monitor Lasart after his supervision expires in July.

"If you see something suspicious call 911," Galles said. "Or call our non-emergency number (218-829-4749). Don't be scared to call. Sometimes the public doesn't want to bother law enforcement, but we are here for you and it is our job to keep you safe. We want to know what you are experiencing."

If anyone sees anything suspicious with a Level 3 offender which is not an emergency matter, they can leave a message at 1-877-653-8334 for a DOC agent, who would get back to the caller within 24 hours.

As of Jan. 1 there were 17,680 predatory offenders in Minnesota, which include 386 who are assigned a Level 3 status. As of Friday there were 193 predatory offenders in Crow Wing County; 102 in Brainerd and 21 in Crosby. There are currently five Level 3 offenders in Crow Wing County and they are Brandon Churchill, Thomas Erickson, Terrance Lindmark, Christopher Roehl and Joshua Tromblay. Lasart will be No. 6.

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