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Crosby students safe after social media threats

Suspension up to permanent expulsion from school will be considered for those involved.

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Social media threats caused some worry in the Crosby-Ironton School District Friday, Dec. 3, but the situation was under control as of early afternoon, and no real threats of violence were identified.

Superintendent Jamie Skjeveland said the situation arose from students saying things like, “You better watch your back,” and, “I’m going to get you,” on social media. There were also threats of violence, including the use of a machete.

The school, however, was never on lockdown, despite a rumor that spread throughout the community.

“There was more pandemonium on social media than in reality,” Skjeveland said.

But with happenings like a school shooting in Michigan earlier this week, the threats unnerved some students, who in turn called their parents to say they did not feel safe at school.


“As quickly as it escalated, it was under control because the police responded, our principal responded, our staff responded right away,” Skjeveland said. “And then before we knew it we had a number of small breakout rooms that we were questioning kids.”

No weapons were found, and no students were injured. The only instance of violence was when one student tried to hit another but missed.

While the situation was quickly under control, the threats will still be taken seriously.

“The threats, that’s a violation of school policy. We don’t allow that in our school district, and so there will be kids who will be held accountable,” Sjkeveland said.

Suspension up to permanent expulsion from school will be considered for those involved.

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