Crow Wing County reminds residents of COVID-19 precautions

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In light of the rising number of COVID-19 cases in Crow Wing County, county public health officials remind residents if they are symptomatic or have been exposed to a COVID-19-positive person, start quarantine and get tested.

People should get tested five to seven days after exposure to someone who has tested positive or if symptoms start. Symptoms can include sore throat, dry cough, trouble breathing, loss of taste and/or smell, etc. And they should stay home while awaiting the test results.

They should also contact family, friends, neighbors and colleagues they may have interacted with, so they may also quarantine for 14 days. Close interaction generally means being less than 6 feet from someone with COVID-19 for 15 minutes or more throughout a 24-hour period.

Once you receive your test results, keep the following in mind:

  • If your test results come back positive, remain in isolation for at least 10 days, you are 24 hours fever-free and your symptoms are improving.

  • If you receive a negative result, this means you do not currently have COVID-19. However, you could still be exposed or become sick at any time. You should continue to take steps to protect yourself and others from COVID-19. (If you develop symptoms of COVID-19, talk to your doctor or other health care provider about getting tested again.)

  • If you had a negative test but know you had a positive exposure, continue to quarantine for 14 days after your exposure date as you may still become ill with COVID-19 during the 14-day timeframe.

  • If you test negative and did not have a known positive exposure and you have symptoms, you may have another illness. Stay home until you no longer have symptoms.

  • If you test negative, did not have a known exposure and have no symptoms, you can end your quarantine.

Quarantine keeps someone who might have been exposed to the virus away from others. Isolation keeps someone who is infected with the virus away from others, even in their home. For more information, visit .

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