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Brainerd School Board: School officials crunch data to select referendum polling places

Laine D. Larson

As December shapes up to be a hive of activity for school officials, members of the Brainerd School Board are hunkering down to fine-tune the election process for the referendum on April 10, 2018.

Although a great deal of attention is being spent crafting the current proposal, Brainerd Schools Superintendent Laine Larson said efforts are underway to ensure the voting process is efficient and comprehensive for members of the community.

She said meetings are scheduled later this week to hammer out a series of polling locations to cover the Brainerd community properly come next spring—a process involving gathering information, considering the interests of the community and making educated plans based on the data.

"We're going to do an analysis of that and what the best place is to be," Larson said. "I've always believed that it's most important to have as many polling places as you can so it's convenient for the public. When I look at this community though, I see many communities are involved and I want everyone to have as much access as they possibly can. "

Larson said recommendations for combined polling places will be presented at the meeting scheduled 5:30 p.m. Dec.11 at the Washington Educational Services Building. Members will also look to vote on the comprehensive facility plan and financial allocations, as well as approve the ballot questions for the coming referendum.

In other business, the school board:

Approved the hiring of Rhonda Schwartz, filling a part-time music teacher position in the Forestview Middle School.

Approved the resignation of Rachel Schumer, special education teacher at Brainerd High school.

Approved the hiring of non-teaching positions: Blair Boileau, special education assistant, a new position at Forestview Middle School; Taylor Cadwell, special education assistant, a resignation replacement at Forestview Middle School; Denene Schulke, special education assistant, a resignation replacement at Riverside Elementary School.

Approved the termination of Brittney Lerato, special education assistant, Brainerd High School.