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Minnesota teacher suspended following ‘demeaning’ Instagram posts

ST. PAUL - A St. Paul special education teacher has been suspended for seven days for shoddy recordkeeping and demeaning her students on Instagram.

Kjerstin Hagen was hired in 2012 and teaches students with disabilities at the preK-8 American Indian Magnet School.

For each child on her caseload, Hagen was out of compliance with state rules requiring review and revision of students’ individualized education plans, according to an October discipline letter released in response to a Pioneer Press records request.

The noncompliance included “inaccurate information, substandard documentation, programming errors (and) out of date IEPs,” said the letter signed by Theresa Battle, interim special education director.

Hagen had been warned about special education compliance problems in April 2017.

Hagen also published Instagram posts that referred to her students “in a demeaning manner” and posted “student assignments which contain inappropriate content,” the recent letter said.

Hagen did not respond to a request for comment.