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CLC Announces Spring Honors List

Central Lakes College, Brainerd and Staples, has announced its 2019 spring semester honors list.

The President's List includes 336 students who earned a grade-point average of 3.75 to 4.0 while enrolled for at least 12 credits.

The Dean's List includes 287 students who earned a grade-point average of 3.25 to 3.74.

The released honors list does not include students who have requested no release of information.

Central Lakes College is a comprehensive community and technical college and is a member of Minnesota State. The college serves about 5,500 students annually in liberal arts and career education programs.



  • Emma Barchus, President's List
  • Anna Felthous, President's List
  • Tia Ford, Dean's List
  • Kathryne Hudson, Dean's List
  • Hannah Nordlund, President's List
  • Mackenzie Rickard, Dean's List
  • Emma Templeton, President's List


  • Andrew Becker, Dean's List
  • Kelly Blowers, Dean's List
  • Michael Bostrom, President's List
  • Caitlin Brooks, Dean's List
  • Thomas Chartier, Dean's List
  • Jacob Drietz, Dean's List
  • Avery Eckman, President's List
  • Hailey Frankenberg, Dean's List
  • Zachariah Gowens, Dean's List
  • Alex Haapajoki, President's List
  • Trystin Haase, Dean's List
  • Kaytlin Hart, Dean's List
  • Samantha Hartman, President's List
  • Jeremiah Holabird, Dean's List
  • Mikayla Horgan, Dean's List
  • Toni Janacek, Dean's List
  • Josiah Kampen, Dean's List
  • Alexandra Lucken, Dean's List
  • Andrew Middleton, President's List
  • Kathleen Mueller, Dean's List
  • Jessica Nelson, President's List
  • Makenzi Park, Dean's List
  • William Pickar, President's List
  • Mitchell Pontius, Dean's List
  • Thomas Rapatz, Dean's List
  • Amanda Reynolds, Dean's List
  • AylaJean Root, President's List
  • Deanna Root, President's List
  • Megan Ryder, Dean's List
  • Kelsey Saba, President's List
  • Patricia Samuelson, President's List
  • Alisha Solway, Dean's List
  • Dustin Stark, President's List
  • Felicia Sweeney, Dean's List
  • Lucas Tangen, Dean's List
  • Danielle Thoemke, President's List
  • Daniesha Thoemke, Dean's List
  • Megan Tonn, President's List
  • Amanda Unger, President's List
  • Hannah Veith, Dean's List
  • Thomas Wells, President's List


  • Stone Kneisl, Dean's List
  • Katlyn Kyar, Dean's List


  • Amber Biniek, President's List
  • Taylor Leenerts, President's List
  • Devin Prokott, Dean's List
  • Abigail Ripplinger, President's List
  • Cheryl Zimmerman, President's List


  • Amy Anderson, President's List
  • Elizabeth Anderson, Dean's List
  • Hunter Armstrong, Dean's List
  • Abigail Ashmore, Dean's List
  • Austin Aspros, Dean's List
  • Marianne Bakkila, Dean's List
  • Bryson Bassett, President's List
  • Kendra Beach, President's List
  • Trysta Beck, Dean's List
  • Dezmond Berndt, President's List
  • Selena Betker, President's List
  • Logan Beto, Dean's List
  • Brent Borg, Dean's List
  • Justice Bowers, Dean's List
  • Brianna Boyd, President's List
  • Brandon Burggraff, Dean's List
  • Audrey Collins, President's List
  • Jeremy Compton, President's List
  • Lauren Crenna, Dean's List
  • Kayla Cyr, Dean's List
  • Kayla Deason, President's List
  • Dena Denti Pribbenow, President's List
  • Erik Desmith, President's List
  • Olivia Dilley, Dean's List
  • Molly Dirks, President's List
  • Faustina Duval, Dean's List
  • Ty Erickson, Dean's List
  • Sophia Exsted, President's List
  • Brooklyn Felten, Dean's List
  • Hailee Fischer, Dean's List
  • Samantha Fischer, Dean's List
  • Victoria Foss, President's List
  • Steven Fox, Dean's List
  • Jennifer Franzen, Dean's List
  • Jennifer Fullerton, Dean's List
  • Kristiana Galema, Dean's List
  • Cameron Gielow, President's List
  • Talina Gonzalez, Dean's List
  • Hunter Hagemann, Dean's List
  • Kendall Haney, Dean's List
  • Nicole Harris, Dean's List
  • Alyssa Hartshorn, President's List
  • Richard Hartung, President's List
  • Jacqueline Harty, Dean's List
  • Jude Hiltner, President's List
  • Isaak Hines, Dean's List
  • Abigail Hoffman, Dean's List
  • Chris Hokenson, Dean's List
  • Madison Holm, President's List
  • Rebecca Horak, Dean's List
  • Lauren Horton, Dean's List
  • Taylor Hovde, Dean's List
  • Matthew Huesmann, Dean's List
  • Theresa Hutton-Walsh, Dean's List
  • Christopher Johnson, President's List
  • Crystal Johnston, Dean's List
  • Isaac Kangas, Dean's List
  • Emily Kelley, Dean's List
  • Nicholaus Kelm, Dean's List
  • Jennifer King, Dean's List
  • Abigail Klecker, President's List
  • Karli Knopf, President's List
  • Nora Kretzman, Dean's List
  • Nicolas Lanham, President's List
  • Lexi Larson, Dean's List
  • Ashlynn Leskey, Dean's List
  • Erik Lindroth, President's List
  • Kasey Lindroth, Dean's List
  • Joseph Logelin, President's List
  • Shyanne Loiland, Dean's List
  • Leon Lyttle, President's List
  • Taylor Madsen, President's List
  • Courtney Mantell, President's List
  • Kayla Mass, Dean's List
  • Kiernan McFadden, Dean's List
  • Tanner McFarlin, Dean's List
  • Mallory McNally, Dean's List
  • Ryan Miller, Dean's List
  • Shawn Miller, President's List
  • Summer Mills, Dean's List
  • Emily Moore, President's List
  • Lindsay Mulholland, President's List
  • Reese Murphy, Dean's List
  • Rosita Musasizi, President's List
  • Isabel Nelson, President's List
  • Mark Nephew, President's List
  • David Nibbe, Dean's List
  • Connor Nichols, Dean's List
  • Max Onyx, Dean's List
  • Chelsea Paulson, Dean's List
  • Chana Pederson, Dean's List
  • Laura Platt, Dean's List
  • Megan Plemel, Dean's List
  • Nicholas Renner, President's List
  • Sarah Richardt, Dean's List
  • Morgan Ross, Dean's List
  • Mary Schaefbauer, President's List
  • Delaney Schaeffer, Dean's List
  • Samantha Schimpp, President's List
  • Merriam Schmitz, Dean's List
  • Nadine Scholz, President's List
  • Ashlyn Sellnow, Dean's List
  • Mary Kate Shipman, Dean's List
  • Lacey Simenstad, Dean's List
  • Kelly Sipper, President's List
  • Kaelyn Spencer, Dean's List
  • Dillon Stettler, Dean's List
  • Rushellane Strobel, Dean's List
  • Natalie Thorson, President's List
  • Brandon Turcotte, Dean's List
  • Hunter Turcotte, President's List
  • Mariah Turner, President's List
  • Jacob VanRisseghem, President's List
  • Anthony Veldman, President's List
  • Santiago Villanueva-Montoya, President's List
  • Kortny Villnow, Dean's List
  • Kayla Voss, President's List
  • Kennedee Walczak, Dean's List
  • Dale Walters, Dean's List
  • Shakira Warta, President's List
  • Nicholas Weldon, Dean's List
  • Jaden Wendt, President's List
  • Paige Wetz, President's List
  • Caleb Wood, President's List
  • Gayle Wood, President's List
  • Raelee Wood, Dean's List
  • Dylan Zapzalka, President's List
  • Grace Zimmerman, Dean's List
  • Grant Zupko, President's List

Breezy Point

  • Parker Anderson, President's List
  • Erin Bengtson, Dean's List
  • Madison Chiodi, President's List
  • Eloise Gitchell, Dean's List
  • Nicholas Gyllenblad, President's List
  • David Johnson, President's List
  • Hannah LaRock, Dean's List
  • Owen Seidl, Dean's List
  • Rylie Trana, Dean's List
  • Cloey Traxler, President's List


  • Alexandra Benning, Dean's List
  • Brady Emery, President's List
  • Brandy Hoemberg, Dean's List
  • Zakary Irsfeld, Dean's List
  • Lucas Iten, Dean's List
  • Heather Kleve, President's List
  • Alayna Quistorff, President's List
  • Greta Rick, Dean's List
  • Lauren Stormoen, President's List
  • Heather Wonders, Dean's List


  • Charles Pekar, President's List


  • Jayna Johannes, Dean's List
  • Alex Roerick, Dean's List


  • Ty Lancaster, President's List
  • Denis Parteka, Dean's List
  • Dillan Warren, Dean's List


  • Kathryn Barna, Dean's List
  • Ronald Frink, President's List
  • Caitlyn Gibson, Dean's List
  • Madelyn Herold, President's List
  • Brooke Newman, President's List
  • Amanda Peka, Dean's List
  • Loren Sablan, President's List
  • Griffin Severson, President's List
  • Isabella Severson, President's List
  • James Stirewalt, Dean's List
  • Joseph Stokman, Dean's List
  • Brooke Whipple, Dean's List
  • Tori Wind, President's List


  • Evan Hughes, Dean's List
  • Thomas Olszewski, Dean's List
  • Shelby Pierson, Dean's List


  • Benjamin Bartczak, Dean's List
  • Talitha Decker, President's List
  • Kiera Dumpprope, Dean's List
  • Kathleen Hanych, President's List
  • Emma Hardy, President's List
  • Kaytlynn Kloss, Dean's List
  • Barbara Schmidt, Dean's List
  • Brytney Wolske, President's List


  • Mariah Bodle, President's List
  • Madison Bordwell, President's List
  • Austin Burton, Dean's List
  • Shane Donovan, Dean's List
  • Benjamin Edmundson, Dean's List
  • Megan Erickson, President's List
  • Britney Fletcher, President's List
  • Kellie Fletcher, Dean's List
  • Elizabeth Frink, Dean's List
  • Jordan Hofstrand, President's List
  • Courtney Johnson, President's List
  • Arianna LeMieur, Dean's List
  • Samuel LeMieur, President's List
  • Seth LeMieur, Dean's List
  • Andrew Louks, President's List
  • Casandra Montgomery, Dean's List
  • Roseanna Roubinek, President's List
  • Tyler Seliger, Dean's List
  • Michaela Stangel, President's List
  • Chantrelle Thayer, Dean's List

Eagle Bend

  • Jillian Cuchna, President's List
  • Nolan Hart, President's List

East Gull Lake

  • Gavin Andres, Dean's List
  • Caroline Benson, Dean's List
  • Nikita Collette, Dean's List
  • Cody Evans, Dean's List
  • Charleen Kehoe, Dean's List
  • Amanda Olson, Dean's List


  • Charlie Banks, President's List

Fifty Lakes

  • Liam Richardson, Dean's List


  • Thomas Zupko, President's List

Fort Ripley

  • Sam Bellefeuille, Dean's List
  • Peter Berg, President's List
  • Alexander Engholm, Dean's List
  • Tyler Gottwalt, President's List
  • Mary Hoskins, Dean's List
  • Elisabeth Novotny, President's List
  • Bethany Schilling, President's List
  • Mariah Schilling, President's List
  • Brandon Schlegel, President's List


  • Nicholas Schneider, President's List

Grey Eagle

  • Shanna Campbell, Dean's List
  • Brandon Young, President's List


  • Edward Swanson, President's List


  • Katelyn Hayes, President's List
  • Bryce Hoheisel, Dean's List
  • Jenna Johnson, President's List
  • Brittney Kimman, Dean's List
  • Decorah Meyer-Iverson, Dean's List
  • Kristin Oldakowski, President's List
  • Katrina Schlotfeldt, President's List
  • Daniel Schorn, President's List
  • Olivia Wagner, President's List
  • Tyler Weiss, President's List
  • Calvin Zapzalka, President's List


  • Kaley Burgstaler, Dean's List
  • Ella Dwyer, Dean's List
  • Anthony Hudrlik, Dean's List
  • Kathryn Ireland, President's List
  • Cameron Larson, President's List
  • Shelain Lewis, President's List
  • Brady Louks, President's List
  • Kathryn Mielke, Dean's List
  • Jenna Rasmussen, Dean's List
  • Danielle Rydberg, Dean's List
  • Shantel Stangel, President's List
  • Paige Westin, President's List

Lake Shore

  • Noah Boelter, President's List
  • Elizabeth Eigen, President's List

Little Falls

  • Molly Lange, Dean's List

Long Prairie

  • Joshua Blanchard, Dean's List
  • Claire Breitenfeldt, President's List
  • Jaden Evenson, Dean's List
  • Sara Gustafson, Dean's List
  • Eric Hinnenkamp, Dean's List
  • Simon Lian, President's List
  • Emma Liebsch, Dean's List
  • Olivia Mettler, President's List
  • Hannah Middendorf, Dean's List
  • July Oo, President's List
  • Hudson Pung, Dean's List
  • Berrous Rekemesik, President's List
  • Mary Speer, President's List
  • Kaitlin Welters, President's List
  • Morgan Westerman, Dean's List
  • Jessica Wolbeck, Dean's List


  • Tamar Aho, Dean's List
  • Silas Olson, President's List
  • Alan Pietila, President's List


  • Nickolas Barth, Dean's List
  • Matthew Bonfig, President's List
  • Mitchell Braith, Dean's List
  • Abigail Davis, Dean's List
  • Dawn Davis, President's List
  • Corina Ellstrom, Dean's List
  • Alison Johanneck, Dean's List
  • Thor Johnson, President's List
  • Blake Lane, President's List
  • Logan Pratt, Dean's List
  • Lyndsey Severson, Dean's List


  • Amber Bell, President's List
  • Jordon Carlson, Dean's List
  • Isaac Colsen, Dean's List
  • Jordan DeChaine, President's List
  • Lanaiah Erbe, President's List
  • Lisa Kossan, President's List
  • Sarah Kossan, President's List
  • Samantha Mrazek, President's List
  • Dominic Nistler, President's List
  • Jeremie Vanek, Dean's List
  • Kelsie Weite, Dean's List
  • Mackenzye Wolpert, Dean's List
  • Krystal Yoder, President's List


  • Cade Barrett, Dean's List
  • Brennan Carey, Dean's List
  • Mindy Chandler, President's List
  • Abigail Doran, Dean's List
  • Summer Hardy, President's List
  • Kenneth Heintzeman, Dean's List
  • Jaycie Hinrichs, President's List
  • Britt Kratochvil, Dean's List
  • Bailey McMahon, Dean's List
  • Patrick Moraghan, President's List
  • Nathanael Peters, President's List
  • Rachel Voges, President's List

Pequot Lakes

  • Emma Brinkman, Dean's List
  • Maria Brown, President's List
  • Makayla Conrad-Kassa, Dean's List
  • Brianna Dufour, Dean's List
  • Courtney Eschenbacher, Dean's List
  • Ashley Foster, President's List
  • Jessica Gandy, Dean's List
  • Erik Geroy, Dean's List
  • Jordan Goddard, Dean's List
  • Greta Harmala, President's List
  • Michael Hartwig, President's List
  • Maddison Hensch, President's List
  • Molly Johnson, Dean's List
  • Savannah Johnson, Dean's List
  • Cole Kaneski, President's List
  • Philip Kostecka, Dean's List
  • Lachlan Larson, President's List
  • Jaden Lindner, Dean's List
  • Eric Lundborg, Dean's List
  • Kayla Neumann, Dean's List
  • Elizabeth Olmscheid, Dean's List
  • Megan Ostendorf, President's List
  • Nicholas Pearson, Dean's List
  • Kyle Powers, President's List
  • Mariah Rubel, President's List
  • Ethan Sannes, President's List
  • Payton Schlosser, President's List
  • Madeline Sherman, President's List
  • Jordyn Tayloe, President's List
  • Julia Teich, Dean's List
  • Alexander Trees, Dean's List
  • Abigail Voss, President's List


  • Matthias Algarin, President's List
  • Abbagale Andrea, President's List
  • Cole Andres, President's List
  • Jacob Andres, President's List
  • Kami Athman, President's List
  • Katelyn Athman, Dean's List
  • Roblyn Austin, President's List
  • Katelyn Becker, President's List
  • Zachary Becker, President's List
  • Brittney Brezinka, President's List
  • Brooke Brixius, Dean's List
  • Emily Burggraff, Dean's List
  • Richard Gall, President's List
  • Jake Giuliani, Dean's List
  • Savannah Goebel, Dean's List
  • Kalyn Gritzmacher, Dean's List
  • Morgan Hanneken, President's List
  • Kirsten Hebler, President's List
  • Mariah Kirschbaum, President's List
  • Jacob Korver, President's List
  • Ashlyn Libby, Dean's List
  • Abigail Lucken, Dean's List
  • Kylie Porter, Dean's List
  • Claire Riedeman, President's List
  • Preston Rocheleau, Dean's List
  • Hannah Schaust, Dean's List
  • Nicholas Scholl, Dean's List
  • Derek Schommer, Dean's List
  • Peter Schommer, President's List
  • Isaac Stangl, President's List
  • Ross Stangl, President's List
  • Laura Tautges, President's List
  • Levi Taylor, President's List
  • Rhiannon Theis, President's List
  • Amber Woitalla, President's List


  • Chandra Bruno, President's List
  • Derek Chambers, Dean's List
  • Dylan Christensen, President's List
  • Jared Eng, Dean's List
  • Shane Evenson, Dean's List
  • Hunter Furstenberg, Dean's List
  • Anthony Horak, Dean's List
  • Lauren Hughes, President's List
  • Matthew Hughes, President's List
  • Noah Jacobson, Dean's List
  • Elise Jensen, President's List
  • Emily Johnson, President's List
  • Bo Kruchten, Dean's List
  • Lauren Martin, Dean's List
  • Angela Masurka, President's List
  • Grace Nagel, President's List
  • Jill Quick, Dean's List
  • Hannah Ruhl, President's List
  • Olivia Ruhl, Dean's List
  • Mackenzie Shaw, Dean's List
  • Logan Stearns, President's List
  • Hailey Turner-Hubbard, Dean's List
  • Brian Twiss, Dean's List
  • Jordyn VanVickle, President's List

Pine River

  • Ally Anderson, President's List
  • Austin Anderson, Dean's List
  • Louis Bueckers, Dean's List
  • Shyanna Cusey, Dean's List
  • Whitney Fink, Dean's List
  • Kendra Geatz, President's List
  • Corey Israelson, President's List
  • Jacquelyn Karnis, President's List
  • Benjamin Larson, Dean's List
  • Elijah O'Dell, Dean's List
  • Gemma Oaks, Dean's List
  • Sara Poehler, Dean's List
  • Breanna Rhodes, Dean's List
  • Benjamin Sabas, President's List
  • Alissa Smith, Dean's List
  • Neli Volz, President's List
  • John Welte, President's List


  • Dwight Barton, Dean's List
  • Scott Crosswhite, Dean's List
  • Toni Madges, Dean's List
  • Brock Pantzke, President's List


  • Neil Weller, President's List


  • Logan Rasmussen, President's List


  • Aaron Fenzel, Dean's List
  • Simon Kroll, President's List
  • Marshall Meehl, President's List
  • Jaclyn Simon, Dean's List


  • Elena Grove, Dean's List
  • Merry Nims, President's List
  • Kendra Wattenhofer, President's List


  • Alyssa Bartkowicz, Dean's List
  • Andrew Bates, President's List
  • Kelly Bendson, Dean's List
  • Tyler Davidson, President's List
  • Dale Davis, President's List
  • Roni Denning, Dean's List
  • Brian Dobson, Dean's List
  • Hannah Dolezal, Dean's List
  • Michael Dullinger, Dean's List
  • Izabella Edin, Dean's List
  • Finn Erholtz, Dean's List
  • Addison Hirschey, Dean's List
  • Chelsea Hofmann, President's List
  • Brooklyn Kovach, President's List
  • Bridget Kuhns, Dean's List
  • Stephanie Lenk, President's List
  • Olivia Leslie, Dean's Listsabella Martin, Dean's List
  • Claire Mayhew, President's List
  • Jacob O'Rourke, Dean's List
  • Jaxon Olander, President's List
  • Kyle Serich, President's List
  • Kaitlyn Smith, President's List
  • Elizabeth Stimac, Dean's List
  • Kiara Storry, President's List
  • Kristi Trana, Dean's List
  • Braden Tyrrell, Dean's List


  • Paige Barthel, Dean's List
  • Lucia Bryce, President's List
  • Peyton Guthrie, President's List
  • Bailey Hayes, Dean's List
  • Elizabeth Holmgren, President's List
  • Abigail Kurowski, President's List
  • John Muhlenkamp, President's List
  • Collin Prom, President's List
  • Hailee Schmidt, President's List
  • Gage VanRisseghem, Dean's List
  • Kaycee Vilinski, Dean's List


  • Annika Gunderson, President's List
  • Laura Lange, President's List


  • Julie Nordstrom, Dean's List
  • Izabelle VanAlst, President's List
  • Haley Youngbauer, Dean's List


  • Brady Adams, Dean's List
  • Lizbet Alvarez De Botello, Dean's List
  • Samantha Anderson, President's List
  • Alexandria Kahl, President's List
  • Emily Orsello, Dean's List
  • Justin Stevens, Dean's List


  • Amelia Emery, President's List
  • Alaina Taylor, President's List