Duluth, MN - The following local students have been named to the Spring 2019 Dean's List at The College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, MN.

Laura Anderson of Longville, MN. Anderson's major is Organizational Behavior.

Darcie Armstrong of Brainerd, MN. Armstrong's major is Social Work.

Izabella Bishop of Hill City, MN. Bishop's major is Education - Intended.

Jennifer Blair of Brainerd, MN. Blair's major is Exercise Physiology.

Maggie Borg of Baxter, MN. Borg's major is Social Work.

Kevin Brown of Little Falls, MN. Brown's major is Social Work.

Heidi Burgstaler of Breezy Point, MN. Burgstaler's major is Nursing - Intended.

Jenna Butler of Bowlus, MN. Butler's major is Nursing - Intended.

Kara Crowther of Aitkin, MN. Crowther's major is Health Information Management.

Jennifer Dolezal of Staples, MN. Dolezal's major is Organizational Leadership.

Melanie Dorn of Little Falls, MN. Dorn's major is Exercise Physiology.

Macy Dotty of Pequot Lakes, MN. Dotty's major is Health Information Management - Intended.

Kaylin Ebinger of Brainerd, MN. Ebinger's major is Psychology.

Erica Erdmann of Rice, MN. Erdmann's major is Nursing.

Ashley Etter of Sebeka, MN. Etter's major is Philosophy - Intended.

Katherine Forrest of Hackensack, MN. Forrest's major is Nursing.

Ashley Gage of Brainerd, MN. Gage's major is Social Work.

Lane Girtz of Pierz, MN. Girtz's major is Management.

Nicole Groth of Walker, MN. Groth's major is Biochemistry.

Jo Hamilton of Baxter, MN. Hamilton's major is Social Work.

Mariah Haukos of Ironton, MN. Haukos's major is Nursing - Intended.

Valerie Kelly of Burtrum, MN. Kelly's major is Social Work.

Heather Kelm of Baxter, MN. Kelm's major is Organizational Behavior.

Bethany Kinzer of Aitkin, MN. Kinzer's major is Educational Studies Intended.

Madeline Lahr of Cushing, MN. Lahr's major is Social Work.

Kyle Lange of Upsala, MN. Lange's major is Health Information Management.

Bailey Lochner of Pierz, MN. Lochner's major is Exercise Physiology - Intended.

Sannah Lohmiller of Crosslake, MN. Lohmiller's major is Undeclared.

Madison Lund of Baxter, MN. Lund's major is Nursing - Intended.

Sophia Magnuson of Aitkin, MN. Magnuson's major is Elementary Education.

Nicole Mason of Brainerd, MN. Mason's major is Social Work.

Kayla McClintock of Royalton, MN. McClintock's major is Nursing.

Jack Mechels of Long Prairie, MN. Mechels's major is Business Management.

Kate Miller of Randall, MN. Miller's major is English - Intended.

Maria Moe of Royalton, MN. Moe's major is Biology - Intended.

Elizabeth Moyer of Baxter, MN. Moyer's major is Nursing - Intended.

Corrine Nelson of McGregor, MN. Nelson's major is Business Management.

Donnea Peterson of Backus, MN. Peterson's major is Nursing.

Michael Petron of Royalton, MN. Petron's major is Management.

Mara Roberts of Brainerd, MN. Roberts's major is Education - Intended.

Morgan Rohloff of Brainerd, MN. Rohloff's major is Psychology.

Brock Ronnebaum of Baxter, MN. Ronnebaum's major is Social Science Secondary Education - Intended.

Noah Ross of Wadena, MN. Ross's major is Biology - Intended.

Haiden Rothwell of Brainerd, MN. Rothwell's major is Mathematics - Intended.

Zachary Sjoblad of Nisswa, MN. Sjoblad's major is Health Information Management.

Charles Tester of Staples, MN. Tester's major is Social Work.

Catherine Thorson of Baxter, MN. Thorson's major is Nursing.

Nicholas Trelstad of Mc Grath, MN. Trelstad's major is English - Intended.

Suzanne Trutwin of Rice, MN. Trutwin's major is Nursing.

Kayla Vanderveur of Osakis, MN. Vanderveur's major is Nursing.

Claudina Williams of Pequot Lakes, MN. Williams's major is Exercise Physiology - Intended.

Dean's List members have achieved a 3.75 grade point average or above on a 4.0 scale. The College of St. Scholastica would like to commend these students for their honorable academic achievements.