Pine River-Backus Elementary School was treated to a show with the Minnesota Timberwolves' mascot, Crunch, on Thursday, Oct. 10.

The school earned that honor by being selected in the Great Lakes Apple Crunch competition, which encourages healthy eating and supports farm to school and other local food purchasing initiatives throughout the region. It's another way to connect food and agriculture to classroom curricula including science, art and more.

Local produce is a regular mainstay at Pine River-Backus School lunches and breakfasts.

On their way to the performance gym, students were all given an apple with strict instructions not to eat them until told. Students then volunteered for relay races holding foam apples on spoons, relay races on giant bouncy balls and a contest to see who could throw foam apples from the stands and get closest to an inflatable Crunch on the floor.

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Crunch then had teachers Erica Norman, Lea Freeman and Michael Dinnel compete in a dance-off competition, which Dinnel won.

The event concluded as Crunch repeatedly dunked a basketball with the help of a trampoline, one time with an assist from a student and another time while leaping over two students and a teacher.