Fine Arts Student of the Week: Senior works quickly and efficiently in yearbook

Advisers in the fine arts programs at Brainerd High School name a Fine Arts Student of the Week every week. This week it is a senior in yearbook.

Alexis Hall
Brainerd High School senior Alexis Hall was named this week's Fine Arts Student of the Week for her work on yearbook. Jennifer Kraus / Brainerd Dispatch

Alexis Hall

Grade: Senior

Age: 18.

Art focus: Brainerd High School Brainonian.

Adviser nomination: “Lexi has done an excellent job getting all of her page layouts done. She works quickly and efficiently. I have gotten to the point that I am having a difficult time keeping her busy since she completes everything that we ask of her. All with a great attitude.”


Memorable fine arts achievement: Being the photographer at the school’s homecoming in 2019.

Artist most admired: Monet.

Why did you join yearbook? This is my first year in yearbook. I want to be a photographer for my future career so I thought yearbook would be a good opportunity to get some experience in my high school senior year and it’d also help me in getting out and talking to people.

Have you always enjoyed photography? I’ve always liked photography and I’ve always wanted it as a hobby. And I really like it and I want to make a career out of it.

I like to take pictures of nature, and my friend and family.

What is your role in Brainonian? In yearbook, there are editors and regular staff members. I'm just a regular staff member. As a group, we all take turns on who goes to the events. And sometimes a person goes as a photographer. We go and talk to people in the different clubs and activities and kind of get the story behind what the clubs and activities do.

Biggest challenge? We have what we call blue sheets. Blue sheets are basically parent permission slips that we need for the students’ quotes. The most frustrating part is we have to give the slip to the kid, even though we know it's probably not going to be a controversial topic that they talk about, but you still have to get that permission slip. People are very hesitant about getting it to their parents and bringing it back or they'll lose it or they just decide they’re not gonna do it, as they don't care about it that much. It's frustrating as we have to always hound them on getting it in ... Even if they are 18 and are an adult they still have to have their parents sign the blue sheet.


Outside of the blue sheets, coming up with ideas for a certain activity or getting to the event like if there was all of a sudden a snowstorm can be tough. Deadlines are definitely hard for anybody. I’m doing super good right now but the deadlines sometimes will creep up on you.

How do you address the challenges? I kind of get into my work and just get the page done. In getting the blue sheets, I would say I am very annoying because I will email somebody like 100 times to tell them to get it in ... so if people want me off their back, they'll get it in right away so I don't email them constantly.

Proudest page? I really enjoy the collage pages, especially the fall and winter collage pages. I like being able to tie in all of the different activities and events that we've had during the fall and winter season and bringing it all onto one page ... You make basically an art piece out of that one page. It’s pretty fun.

Dream job? Photography. I would like to be an event photographer or take senior pictures.

Proudest picture? The night of March 9 we were driving around and the sunset was so pretty and I took a picture and it was really cool.

Favorite movie: “The Notebook.”

Favorite TV show: “One Tree Hill.”

Favorite book: “The Outsiders.”


Favorite song: “I Hope.”

Favorite band: Dan + Shay.

Favorite restaurant: Mongo’s.

Favorite subject: Creative writing.

Perfect meal: Macaroni and cheese and corn dogs or sushi.

Biggest pet peeve: People who intentionally try to irritate you.

If you were a crayon what color would you be: The color magenta because it is fun to say and I like the color.

Parents: Linda and Kyle Hall of Brainerd.

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