Minnesota’s wildland fire management agencies reported an increase in wildfire activity this

spring, responding to nearly 900 wildland fires.

With the entire state in high fire danger, the Minnesota Interagency Fire Center reminded the public to report escaped wildfires immediately. Not only do escaped wildfires threaten property and damage timber and wildlife habitat, too often they result in preventable injuries, or worse, the agency stated in a news release.

“Every year, we learn of people who have suffered burns attempting to control an escaped fire on their own,” William Glesener of the Minnesota Interagency Fire Center said in a news release. “Wildland firefighters are trained for quick and safe response to suppress fires. If a debris burn or campfire escapes, or you spot a wildfire, call 911.”

Glesener said what may seem like a harmless debris cleanup or an evening campfire can easily escape as a wildfire in the current dry conditions. Warm, sunny, and even windy days increase the potential for peak wildfire activity in dry grasses and pine needles, which can quickly turn from a small fire into an escaped wildfire.

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As the summer season approaches under drier conditions, Glesener urged Minnesotans to make it a goal to be safe and careful with any open flames. Trained firefighters would rather suppress a wildfire safely than learn about a preventable injury or, worse yet, a loss of life. Should an open fire escape, never hesitate to call 911.