Foreign exchange student makes the most of his TV Production experience

Advisers in the fine arts programs at Brainerd High School name a Fine Arts Student of the Week every week. This week it is for TV Productions.

Noe Sorge
Noe Sorge, a foreign exchange student from Germany, was named this week's Fine Arts Student of the Week for his work in TV Production at Brainerd High School. Jennifer Kraus // Brainerd Dispatch

Noe Sorge

Grade: Senior. (The foreign exchange student would be a junior if he were back home in Berlin, Germany.)

Age: 16.

Art focus: Brainerd High School TV Productions.

Adviser nomination: Noe has been a great addition to the TV Productions department this year. He was in TV Productions I during first semester and is now taking TV Productions II. Not only does Noe do excellent work, he is the first to volunteer for projects outside of the classroom. He is one of the most enthusiastic video students I have had and is making the most of his foreign exchange experience.


Memorable fine arts achievement: A (downhill) skiing video I filmed in Austria in 2019 and then uploaded it to YouTube. I have about 30 videos and not all online. I go downhill skiing every year with my dad in Austria. We also went to Italy one time to ski the Alps. I was surprised to learn Brainerd has a downhill skiing place, Mount Ski Gull. It is small compared to the ones I’ve been on, some are 8,000 feet high.

Other fine arts activities: Graphic design. In Germany, we had drawing class and the arts were one of my favorite classes. I drew a picture of my dog back home. Her name is Nera, she is 4 and is a giant Schnauzer. I do miss her a lot.

What interested you in TV Productions? When I first came here, we walked around the school and went to every class and met the teachers and when I went into the old TV Productions studio, I really liked it. I was very positive about the class. I learned a bunch of terms I never knew the names of them, but knew how to do them. They don't have this type of class at home.

I basically chose TV Pro because I thought it might be a good idea because it sounded fun. I thought it would be worth my time to take and I’m glad I did both classes (TV Productions I and II.)

What do you like about it? I like (to see) the final project. I like to be creative with the camera, the angles and the shots. I watch a lot of YouTube videos to inspire myself. Then I try it myself. I also like to take pictures. I’ve learned a lot in these classes.

Biggest challenge: Filming, editing and finding the music for a video. Finishing it on time is the biggest thing. We had two days to finish something and it took forever to upload it on Facebook. It was a bit stressful, but fun.

Proudest piece? We did a paper plane video. We basically had the paper plane fly around the whole school and we took a lot of videos. It was pretty funny to make.

What interested you in being a foreign exchange student? My mom did one 30 years ago in Ohio. She told me stuff about it and I want to go to the U.S. I've been here two times before, mainly along the East Coast. ... I’ve taken English classes for eight years, so I know the language well. A word or phrase here (that is weird) is, “You Betcha.” I don’t use it, it’s funny to me.


When I go back home these classes do not count (toward my schooling in Germany). It is like a whole year has just gone by. Germany and the U.S. (school) systems are not the same. It is fine that they don’t count. When I go home I will have three more years of schooling.

Why did you decide to come to Brainerd? I didn't get to decide where to go, it was decided by the private organization (that places foreign exchange students after matching them with the right host family and school). I’ve never heard of Minnesota, so when they told me I would go to Minnesota I had to look it up ... and after seeing where it was I was like I can go there.

What was your first impression? When I first came here it was all green, so I really liked it. Summer is great, and winter is not as great, but I get to hang out with friends.

The students here are the same and different from back home. There are way more students here than at my high school. In Germany, we have about 20-30 students in the same homeroom. We don’t switch classrooms as a student, the teachers do. We have one class for all four years.

The food is different here, but my host family cooks pretty good. There is nothing that I really like in particular, I like anything with venison or meat. They always do meat and vegetables.

Best experience thus far? It would be all the traveling. We went to the Black Hills in South Dakota and we traveled a lot in swimming for competitions, so that was cool to see all the high schools. We also went to Canada before school started and we went to Duluth, the North Shore and Spirit Mountain.

I joined swimming (at BHS) because I started swimming two years ago. I would swim two times a week. I thought if I started swimming in the U.S. it would help and it has. I improved.

Dream job: I’m thinking about filmmaking for movies, but I am not sure. I know being a cameraman is really hard to do for a real movie. Like in Hollywood they have three people who do camera work.


Favorite movie: “1917.” I like it because it was filmed in one continuous shot. The storyline is not that great.

Favorite TV show: “The 100.”

Last book you read: “The Kite Runner.”

Favorite song: “Sick Boy” by the Chainsmokers.

Favorite band: Kontra K.

Favorite food: I like food from Georgia, the country. I like khinkali.

Biggest pet peeve: Clicking the pen or AirPod cases.

Sports/clubs: At BHS, swimming and track and field; Sports in Germany are swimming, gymnastics, downhill skiing and Olympic trampoline.


Parents and host family: Frank and Gabriela Sorge of Berlin, Germany. Host family is Matt and Deb Eberts of Brainerd.

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