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2016 Voter's Guide: Staples-Motley School Board

Staples-Motley School Board (Elect three)

Creig Dobson

Age: 34.

Employment: Trained carpenter and also help out with the family daycare.

Public office experience: None.

What do you want to accomplish if elected? "I am passionate about creating a quality environment for the education of my children and all the children of the district. My goal is to listen to community members, collaborate with educators, bring their needs to the table and encourage the other board members to vote conscientiously and spend wisely."

Specifically, how would you accomplish your goals? "I feel that it is important as a school board member to be visible in the community as well as being approachable to families. I will invest the time and energy required to be well informed with accurate information."

What abilities or qualifications separate you from your competition? Why are you the best candidate for the job? "I feel I am a representative of the "average" community member both economically and educationally. I feel that it is extremely important that the district makes fiscally responsible investments and decisions. I have experience in both building construction and school transportation and have knowledge of correct procedures in these areas. I feel that my knowledge in these areas would be an asset to the school board, in both areas of planning and spending."


Greg Frisk

Age: 64.

Employment: "I served 20 years, 10 on active duty and 10 in the Reserves, as a Naval Officer and pilot. I retired in 1995 with the rank of Commander. In 2011, I retired as an international captain with American Airlines after a 27-year career."

Public office experience: "I was the chairman of the Motley School Board when the two districts paired in the late '80s. I am secretary of the Motley Public Cemetery Board. I recently chaired the Parade Committee and was active in the planning for Motley's JuneFest 2016 celebration. Earlier this year I served on the superintendent selection committee and as a member of the school realignment group."

What do you want to accomplish if elected? "Review student participation fees. I think they are discriminatory to low income families. Investigate establishing transportation for after school practices/activities. Continue to evaluate busing/building issues. Maintain grade school/middle school in Motley building. Do a better job publicizing our assets/success'. Continue to stress excellence in all areas."

Specifically, how would you accomplish your goals? "This school district has some very good people, in the school and in the community. I have been fortunate in my professional life to be part of some great teams, teams that have goals and know what it takes to achieve them. Communication is essential. I have been told I'm a pretty good communicator and I didn't get to be a Navy Commander or a major airline captain without the ability to be a team player, and a team leader."

What abilities or qualifications separate you from your competition? Why are you the best candidate for the job? "I was a part of the process when this school system was 'born'. I have lived and worked all over the world. I have seen the opportunities first hand that await students who are properly prepared to take advantage of them. I want our kids to live successful, happy, meaningful lives. The time constraints on many of our families have meant that the school assumes a larger role in shaping the future of our youth. I have the management and leadership experience necessary to help the school system help our kids. That is what this is all about."


Chad Longbella

Age: 53.

Employment: Longbella Drug Inc. Pharmacy technician/manager.

Public office experience: Staples-Motley School Board—25 years.

What do you want to accomplish if elected? "If re-elected I would continue to strive for the best education money can buy for all children. Run a balanced budget, solve problems with a open mind and common sense."

Specifically, how would you accomplish your goals? "Listen. Listen to your parents, administration, and school faculty. Act. Act when you have done your research, on a issue and feel that you have all the information from both sides to make a decision. Money. While money is easy to spend it is hard to be prudent. When spending make a list of all of the district's needs and prioritize and discuss."

What abilities or qualifications separate you from your competition? Why are you the best candidate for the job? "School board experience of 25 years. I will be a conservative voice for the people of our district. I try to listen, do my due diligence, and use common sense to solve problems and issues. I believe in what is best for all children, and for the school district as a whole. The school board sets policy and direction and relies on the superintendent to carry out the direction of the board."


Bryan Winkels

Age: 44.

Employment: Occupational therapist for Freshwater Education District.

Public office experience: Four-year term as Staples-Motley School Board member.

What do you want to accomplish if elected? "I want to continue with the mission to become the area's school district of choice. I would like to see us continue to work on becoming more efficient as a district so our dollars are being spent on programs that directly affect students."

Specifically, how would you accomplish your goals? "The Staples-Motley board and community have just completed a new strategic plan in the last year. We need to follow that plan and continue to evaluate changes as we make them. We need to continue to look at our facility study that was completed a couple of years ago and make sure we are looking at all options for use of our facilities. We need to continue to build our course offerings to students and offer a well rounded education."

What abilities or qualifications separate you from your competition? Why are you the best candidate for the job? "Being a graduate from Staples-Motley High School, I'm passionate about wanting the district and the communities within the district to grow. I have grown a great deal as a board member over the past four years and want to continue the new vision we've created for our district. I have participated in MSBA school board trainings to learn how to be an effective board member. I pride myself on making good fiscal decisions for the taxpayers, but also keeping in mind at times we need to take some risks if it will benefit our students."