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Election filings: Who will be on the local ballot in November? Find out

A recap of filings for office from area cities, townships and school boards in Crow Wing County and southern Cass County.

Crow Wing County


Mary Marana, Robert Nesheim, Zach Tabatt, Lori Rubin and Connie Lyscio, city council member (Elect 2).


Ed Menk, mayor.

Sue Hilgart and Christopher Mathison, at large.

Kelly Bevans, Ward 2.

Gabe Johnson, Ward 4.

Brainerd School District

Mathew Avery, Charles Black Lance, Jeff Czeczok, Tom Haglin, Tiffanie Knapp, Ruth Nelson and Sarah Speer, school board member (Elect 3).

Breezy Point

Tom Lillehei, mayor.

Michael Moroni and Gary Bakken, city council member (Elect 2).


Bob Novak and Jim Hunter, mayor.

Diane L. Cash, Paul Heglund, Joanna Lattery and Robyn Wolfe, city council member (Elect 2).

Crosby-Ironton School District

Jillian Decent, Michael Domin and Barbara A. Neprud, school board member (Elect 3).


David Nevin and Patty Norgaard, mayor.

John Andrews, Aaron S. Herzog, R. Clay Porter and David H. Schrupp, city council member (Elect 2).


Lloyd Brix, mayor.

Zach Brix, Maurice Eisen, Larry "Skip" Gillespie and Michael Workman, city council member (Elect 2).

Cuyuna Range Hospital District Board

No candidate filed for Bay Lake Township.

No candidate filed for Crosby.

Andrea Bedard, Cuyuna.

Lori Burgstaler, Dean Lake.

Julie Mohs, Deerwood.

Nancy Moritz, Emily.

No candidate filed for Irondale Township.

No candidate filed for Perry Lake Township.

Roger Twigg, Wolford Township.

Les McCoy, Fairfield Township (special election).

No candidate filed for Trommald (special election).


Mike Aulie, mayor.

Jeremy Millsop and John V. Taylor, city council member (Elect 2).

Josiah "Joe" Granholm and Linda K. Peterson, special election for council.

Deerwood Township

No candidate filed for town supervisor seat 2.

David Gray, town supervisor seat 3.


Roger "Buddy" Lund, mayor.

Bryce Butcher, city council member (Elect 2).

Fifty Lakes

Tim Anick and Linda Steffens, mayor.

Mark Bradley, Toni Buchite and Jodie Schrupp, city council member (Elect 2).

Fort Ripley

No candidates filed for two available city council seats.

Gail Lake Township

David Brammann, town supervisor seat 2.

Donald Lohse, town supervisor seat 3.

Carol Johnson, treasurer.


Loren Larson, mayor.

William E. Stimac and Cathy Thompson, city council member (Elect 2).

Kristi A. Risnes, treasurer.

Garrison Township

Lyman H. Whitney, town supervisor seat 1.

David Larson, town supervisor seat 2.

Amy Mickelson, town clerk.

Irondale Township

Timothy Scott Leonard, town supervisor seat 1.

Randy F. Stanfield, town supervisor seat 2.

Brian Kimbler, town supervisor seat 3.

Cheryl A. Kostal, treasurer.


Clark Hamdorf and Deb Dewing, mayor.

Rose Stromberg, Eric Heglund, Jeremy French and Dallas Dietz, city council member (Elect 2).

Jess Dwyer and Jeff Midthun, special election for council.


Jon W. Lubke, mayor

Andrew J. Rudlang and Donna M. Stricker, city council member (Elect 2).

Jenkins Township

Edward Walton, town supervisor seat 1.

William A. Savage, town clerk.

Lake Edward Township

Ronald J. Metzen, town supervisor seat B.

Leonard Wagner, town supervisor seat C.

Martha Look, town clerk.

Little Falls School District

Sharon Ballou, Mark Gerbi and Brad Laager, school board member (Elect 3).

Little Pine Township

Norman Hawley, town supervisor seat B.

Timothy Hawley, town supervisor seat C.

Abra Hawley, special election for town clerk.

Nan Hawley, town treasurer.

Long Lake Township

David Johnson and Josh Luster, town supervisor seat A.

Darryl Moser, Paul Sandy and Gary Hanson, town supervisor seat B.

Virginia Smart, treasurer.

Manhattan Beach

Paul L. Allen and Kevin T. Larson, mayor.

Margaret "Peg" Boots, Barbara Hanson-Wannebo, Elizabeth "Betty" Worts and Marlene M. Yurek, city council member (Elect 2).

Mission Township

No candidates filed for two town supervisor seats, B and C, and no one filed for town treasurer.


Fred Heidmann, mayor.

Robert Fier, Mike Hoff, Don Jacobson and Josh Miles, city council member (Elect 2).

Nokay Lake Township

No candidates filed for two town supervisor seats, A and B, and no one filed for treasurer.

Oak Lawn Township

Sharon Pike, town supervisor seat A.

Steven Stroschein, town supervisor seat B.

Kathy Wessel, town clerk.

Pelican Township

Bruce Galles and Brian K. Wallin, town supervisor seat B.

Jody Wallin, town clerk.

Pequot Lakes

Cathy Malecha and James Tayloe, mayor.

Jerry Akerson, Jeff Boucher and Cheri Seils, city council member (Elect 2).

Pequot Lakes School District

Brandon Anderson, Derrek Johnson, Dena M. Moody, Tracy Wallin and Valarie L. Wallin, school board member (Elect 3).

Perry Lake Township

Ray J. Montzka, town supervisor seat 1.

Lawrence H. McKenzie, town treasurer.

Pierz School District

Eric Hanneken, Matthew J. Hoheisel, Colleen Seelen, Patty Stangl and Marvin E. Thomas, school board member (Elect 3).

Platte Lake Township

John Gregersen, town supervisor seat 1.

Kyle Eastman, town supervisor seat 2.

Onamia School District

Brian J. Barnett, Ben Husom and Angel Oehrlein, school board member (Elect 3).


David C. Peterson, mayor.

Denise Frahm and Lana Schmidt, city council member (Elect 2).

Ross Lake Township

Leo Offerman, town supervisor seat 1.

Charlie L. "Joe" Banks Jr., town supervisor seat 3.

Elaine Hill, town treasurer.

St. Mathias Township

Carrie Allord, town supervisor seat B.

Mark Malinowski, town supervisor seat C.

Brion Fornshell, town treasurer.

Timothy Township

Dawn Rubner, town supervisor seat C.

Loni Porta, town clerk.

Wolford Township

Dennis Molesky, town supervisor seat A.

Kimberly Marquart, town clerk.

Nancy Nyvold, special election for treasurer.

Cass County (with southern townships)

Ansel Township

Barbara Volk, town supervisor seat 1.

Miles Kuschel, town supervisor seat 2.

Rhonda Marthaler, treasurer.


Kurt Sawyer, mayor.

Ann Birge and Rae Borst, city council member (Elect 2).

Barclay Township

William J. Tollefson, town supervisor seat 1.

Litta "Le" Sears, town clerk.

Becker Township

Mike Bjerga, town supervisor seat 1.

Russ Jenkins, town supervisor seat 2.

Marjorie Strassburg, town treasurer.


No candidates filed for mayor and no one filed for two seats on the city council.

Bull Moose Township

No candidate filed for town supervisor seat 1.

Derek Ward, town supervisor seat 3.

Jenny Grider, town treasurer.

Bungo Township

Aaron Schrupp, town supervisor seat 2.

Wynn Neumann, town supervisor seat 3.

Dana Leverington and Kristine Neumann, town treasurer.

Byron Township

Suzanne "Sue" Lund, Jason Poynter and Mary Webster Sirucek, town supervisor seat 3.

Becki Rassler, town clerk.

No candidates filed for the special election for town treasurer.

Cass Lake

Herschel John Ogema and Jerry D. Smith, mayor

George "Chop" Donnell, Richard Molash Sr., and Diane "Annie" Sevenich, city council member (Elect 2).

Cass Lake-Bena School District

Paul Andersen, Lenny Fineday, Lee Giffen, Rebecca Graves, Rick Haaland, Jamie Mitchell, Paula K. Morris, Mark A. Reyes Jr., Terri Vail, Angel Roberta Wind and Jody Ann Wind, school board member (Elect 3).

Chickamaw Beach

Bob Hobson, mayor

Murel G. Backman and Michael Sandy, city council member (Elect 2).

East Gull Lake

Scott Hoffmann and James Ruttger, city council member (Elect 2).

Fairview Township

Walter Richmond, town supervisor seat 1.

Tom Dechmann, town supervisor seat 3.


Gus Kaubisch, Bill Kennedy, Debbie Rateike and Jim Schneider, city council member (Elect 2).

Lake Shore

Kevin Egan and Don McFarland, mayor.

Doug Miller and John Terwilliger, city council member (Elect 2).


Floyd "Jocko" Kline and David "Willie" Willard, mayor.

Phyllis Eck, city council member (Elect 2).

May Township

Robert Anderson, Jason W. Barg and Daniel Donahue, town supervisor seat 2.

Alexandria Martin, town supervisor seat 3.

Bridgette M. Brown, town treasurer.

Meadow Brook Township

Thomas Kirchner and Rex Wells, town supervisor seat 3.

Darlene Rollins, town clerk.

Moose Lake Township

John Benson, town supervisor seat 1.

Karen Roubal, town clerk.


Al Yoder, mayor.

Jace Carlson and Amy Hutchison, city council member (Elect 2).

Georgia Follis and Pat O'Regan, special election for council.

Northland Community Schools District

James Dahl and Bill Wake, school board member (Elect 3).

Pike Bay Township

Michael Childs and Michael Reyes, town supervisor seat 2.

Ryan Erickson and Milt Lee, town supervisor seat 3.

Jason Ball and Reuben St. Cyr, special election for town supervisor seat 5.


Bret Mattheisen, mayor

Ann Meyer and Clarence Woitalla, city council member (Elect 2).

Shawn Thayer, special election for council.

Pillager School District

Becky Bennett, Sara Nagel and Steve Uban, school board member (Elect 3).

Pine River

Tamara Hansen, mayor.

Tony DeSanto and Patty Melby, city council member (Elect 2).

Pine River Township

Wm Fitch and Butch Oberfell, town supervisor seat 1.

Barbara Wagner, town clerk.

Pine River-Backus School District

Katy Botz, Leslie Bouchonville, Wanda Carlson, Garny Gaffey and Ryan Trumble, school board member (Elect 4).

Ponto Lake Township

Robert Litke, town supervisor seat 3.

Bradley McDonald, town clerk.


Diane Ammerman and David Anderson, city council member (Elect 2).

Matt Kunnari and Kaara Nilsson, special election for council (Elect 2).

Staples-Motley School District

Brad Anderson, Robert L. Follis, Mary Freeman and Bruce F. Lund, school board member (Elect 3).

Sylvan Township

Yvette Dullinger, town supervisor seat 3.

Keith Card and Arlene C. Schmidt, town supervisor seat 5.

Walden Township

Dylan Liane, town supervisor seat 2.

Brenda Erickson, town clerk.

Susan Carol Austad, special election for town treasurer.


Jed Shaw, mayor.

Mary Beth L. Hansen, Annie McMurrin and Jim Senenfelder, city council member (Elect 2).

Walker-Hackensack-Akeley School District

Laurie Bauerly, Nancy Freeman, Jarrod T. Mankie and Barbara Sherman, school board member (Elect 3).