In its September meeting, the Manhattan Beach City Council agreed to set its preliminary general revenue tax levy for the coming year at $70,000, according to unapproved draft council meeting minutes.

Clerk-Treasurer Amy Wannebo informed the council that roughly $8,000 from the 2018 budget - which was also set at $70,000 - should be left at the end of the year. Mayor Paul Allen said some of that amount can be used on surveying projects on Satchell and Goldenstein roads, as well as toward pumping of tanks on County Road 66.

When approving its final levy in December, the council cannot exceed that $70,000 total, but can decrease that amount.

In other action, the council agreed to appoint Jack Skurdalsvold to the city's planning and zoning commission.

Council members also authorized the purchase of an 8-terabyte external hard drive, as the city's current external drive is lacking in storage.

Additionally, the board adopted a resolution adjusting the bylaws of the city's planning commission. It also agreed to purchase a digital recorder, as planning commission meetings will now be recorded and posted to the city's website.