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Voter's Guide: City of Manhattan Beach

Elizabeth (Betty) Worts1 / 2
Kevin T. Larson2 / 2

Manhattan Beach Mayor

Paul L. Allen

Age: 70.

Occupation: Retired and part-time Realtor.

Public office experience: Twelve years in city government and nine years on a liquor commission.

Why are you the best candidate for the job? I have managed to work well with the Manhattan Beach City Council and Crow Wing County to protect our natural resources and to make sure Manhattan Beach remains a self-governing city. The council has managed to keep taxes low for the past nine years. When I became mayor, the city had a deficit and now we are financially healthy. I intend to make sure we stay that way. We need to continue to work with the Corps of Engineers to see to the safety of the Trout Lake access on Highway 66 and continue to protect our natural resources.

Kevin T. Larson

Age: 65.

Occupation: Consolidated Telecommunications Co. director of public affairs.

Public office experience: Four years Manhattan Beach City Council, five years general manager at Crosslake Communications reporting to Crosslake City Council.

Why are you the best candidate for the job? My career has been a CEO for multi-million dollar corporations reporting to either a city council or a board of directors. This has given me the experience of creating a positive working environment for the employees as well as the members and customers of these businesses. I will bring to the community transparency for both the full time as well as for the seasonal citizens of Manhattan Beach on city plans, votes and actions that will impact their lives and property. I will also create a positive and inviting environment for our community for sharing information and encouraging open discussion.

Manhattan Beach City Council Member (Elect 2)

Margaret 'Peg' Boots

Age: 74.

Occupation: Retired college administrator.

Public office experience: Former Manhattan Beach city clerk.

Why are you the best candidate for the job? Manhattan Beach has been my home since 1976. I served as city clerk for a few years before joining Central Lakes College as director of college advancement. I also served as executive director of the college foundation and later executive director of the system-wide Minnesota State Colleges and Universities foundation. Working locally and later throughout the state in the extended community and technical college communities helped me understand the importance of cooperation, transparency and honesty. I am committed to including and listening to all potential participants while making decisions. Those are the strengths I would bring to the city council.

Barbara Hanson-Wannebo

Age: 52.

Occupation: Restaurant manager.

Public office experience: City clerk/treasurer for 12 years, city council member for one year.

Why are you the best candidate for the job? My duties as city clerk entailed updating the city finances and records, computerizing all records, setting up budget to state standards, acting as a liaison between state, federal and city council in understanding budget requirements, understanding of budget and state and federal recordkeeping with current standards. I consider it a privilege to have been the clerk for 12 years and now serving on the city council. I would appreciate your vote. Thank you.

Elizabeth 'Betty' Worts

Age: 65.

Occupation: Project coordinator with Nor-Son Inc.

Public office experience: Former Manhattan Beach city clerk.

Why are you the best candidate for the job? While I don't like the term "best," I do believe that by working for the city to create and maintain open lines of communication between the city council/mayor and the residents will result in a more positive working environment. When people can come together and know they will be given truthful, honest information, better decisions may be made.

Marlene M. Yurek

Age: 80.

City: Manhattan Beach.

Occupation: Retired.

Public office experience: City council member since 2004.

Why are you the best candidate for the job? I have worked very closely with the new mayor and city council in developing a budget to bring the city out of debt. By developing a budget and working closely with the budget, we have not raised the taxes in nine years. ... I am with the majority of the citizens in Manhattan Beach wanting to keep the city as is, a solvent city with low taxes and no debt. The consensus of the citizens of the July 14 community meeting was to keep the city self-governing and I support this 100 percent.