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Voter's Guide: Todd County

Todd County Commissioner, District 4

Nikki (Tyrrell) Deyle

Age: 38.

Occupation: Sales and marketing.

Public Office Experience: Clerk, Ward Township.

Why are you the best candidate for the job? Born and raised in District 4, I understand the demographics of the area, more significantly, what we are all striving towards. I will be transparent and unafraid to ask and answer the tough questions. For the past 20 years, I have worked with various executives, farmers and political officials in organizations such as MN Agri-Growth Council and MN Ag in the Classroom. I was able to bring together various backgrounds and interests to work towards accomplishing common goals. I will work to make informed decisions in the best interest of Todd County and most importantly, you, the voter.

David G. Kircher

Could not be reached.

Robert Henrich

Could not be reached.

Soil and Water Supervisor, District 1

Dan Whitney

Age: 50s.

Occupation: Water resources consultant/business owner.

Public office experience: None.

Why are the you the best candidate for the job? The desire and passion to seek out the basis and understanding for all issues and concerns related to our natural resources, the knowledge and ability to effectively address the challenges of ensuring the continued use of our resources while achieving long-term sustainability for future use, and a commitment to find the best solutions through a collaborative effort that is transparent, incorporates science, and is considerate to all stakeholders.

Barbara James

Could not be reached.