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Ruud among legislators introducing law to name official state dog breed

State Sen. Carrie Ruud, R-Breezy Point, and Minority Leader Kurt Daudt, R-Crown, unveiled Raven's Bill earlier this week naming the Labrador retriever as the official dog breed of Minnesota.

Lawmakers hope the bipartisan legislation will create a bond between dog lovers across the state, encourage donations to a partner charity that trains service dogs and educate kids on the how a bill becomes a law.

Ron Schara and his dog, Raven, the famous longtime hosts of Minnesota Bound, have partnered with lawmakers to lend their star quality to the bill.

To raise awareness and compassion for rescue dogs and service animals, lawmakers partnered with Pawsitivity Service Dogs, a charity that rescues dogs and trains them to be service dogs. Minnesotans are encouraged to donate to Pawsitivity to help further their mission, "Rescuing Dogs to Rescue People."

Kids can track the bill's progress on the website, on Facebook at or on Twitter at to learn how a bill becomes a law. The website encourages civic engagement by asking kids to contact their local legislators to express their opinion about the bill.

"The Labrador retriever captures Minnesota's famous outdoor heritage and tradition that we all enjoy across the state," said Ruud. "I'm excited to partner with Pawsitivity and Ron Schara to help raise awareness for the bill and make these dogs the official breed of our state ."

"I'm happy to support this legislation and hope it will serve as a great educational resource for kids so they can track the bill and learn more about the legislative process," said House Republican Leader Daudt. "Labs are loyal companions, talented sports dogs, and a great choice to be the official dog breed of Minnesota."

"There's no better breed to represent Minnesota," said Schara. "Labrador retrievers love swimming, hunting and the outdoors. They're great family dogs and get along with everyone, young or old. They aren't just our companions, they're members of our family."