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Walz signs executive order protecting motor carriers in bad weather

Gov. Tim Walz signed Emergency Executive Order 19-06, providing relief to motor carriers and drivers operating in Minnesota concerning seasonal load restrictions.

Extreme winter weather conditions, specifically subzero temperatures for prolonged periods of time, have caused freezing of septic systems over much of Minnesota.

The executive order exempts vehicles, used to pump or transport sewage from septic systems, from the seasonal load restrictions on local and state highways and streets. The exemption will help prevent the risk of endangerment to the health of septic system users and homeowners and help avoid further damage to frozen septic systems.

The seasonal weight restrictions on roads in Minnesota, as described in Minnesota Statutes 2018, section 169.87, subdivisions 1 and 2, would hamper the removal of sewage from septic systems and increase the harm caused by leakage and rupture of septic systems.

The emergency executive order went into effect Thursday, March 14, and remains in effect until June 1.