WALKER-The Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe donated $30,000 toward the Leech Lake-Cass County Wellness Court operations, Cass County Board learned Tuesday, April 2.

That specialized court has a high degree of success in helping repeat driving-while-intoxicated offenders overcome their alcohol addiction. The court, however, no longer has as many grants available for its operations as once was the case.

Administrator Joshua Stevenson said in a telephone interview Tuesday, April 1, that staff from the county and Leech Lake Reservation were working on new terms of agreement, so wellness court can expand to include persons abusing drugs, as well as alcohol.

He expects the new agreement will be available later this year for the tribal council and county board to adopt. Stevenson said he hopes more grants will become available again once the new agreement is signed. The tribal council and county board have been very supportive of Wellness Court, he said.

Land Commissioner Kirk Titus obtained board approval to award a contract to Champion Forestry Services to plant about 126,800 tree seedlings on county-administered land in Home Brook, Loon Lake, Poplar, Bungo, Trelipe and Boy River townships. Champion's $53 per thousand seedlings was the lowest of three bids received.

Titus received three bids to remove regulated materials such as asbestos from a trailer house in Castle Addition to Bigwater by Pillager. The lowest and contract winner was MAVO with a $4,200 bid.

Eleven contractors submitted bids to remove some or all of the buildings, wells and septic systems on tax-forfeited county land at nine locations, a preliminary step to preparing the sites for sale. All successful bids are not-to-exceed amounts.

They include: DeChantel Excavating, $3,990, the Bigwater site; Storlie Construction, $4,000, $3,888 and $3,888 for three Cass Lake sites; Ruyak Enterprises, $4,990 for a site at Remer; Northfork Boulders, $3,245 for a site at Pillager; and Holmvig Excavating, $3,540 for a site at Backus, $4,100 for a site at Backus, $3,245 for a site at Pillager.

In other business, the county board:

Authorized County Engineer Darrick Anderson to purchase three permanent and two temporary easements over state land from the state for the reconstruction of County Road 157.

Authorized Levy Bergstrom, aquatic invasive species technician, to travel to Washington D.C. this month to attend soil and water conservation district leadership training at no cost to the county.

Approved a letter of support to Morrison County for Cass County Public Health to be included in a grant opportunity for mothers and babies.

Learned the county will receive $44,593 reimbursement for meeting state timeliness requirements for responding to reports of alleged child maltreatment and for maintaining monthly contact with the children.

Accepted a Wilkinson Township $500 donation for the Lakes Area Dive Team.

Accepted $2,500 Sourcewell will pay or 50 percent of the cost to enable Sheriff Tom Burch to purchase automated external defibrillators to be used by deputies.

Accepted a $26,595 Minnesota Federal Boating Safety Supplemental Equipment grant for 2019.