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Pequot Lakes School: Board opts not to add school days

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With the Pequot Lakes School District currently sitting at 164 student-contact days - one short of what is usually the legal mandate - the school board unanimously agreed Monday, April 15, to take advantage of legislation forgiving districts being below the 165-day threshold due to inclement weather.

Therefore, as it stands, the district will not add any additional days to the end of the school year.

"We have now closed five days, and we are very much on the small end of the spectrum," Superintendent Chris Lindholm said. "Some districts have closed more than 10 days this year. Legislature passed a law that says if you are going to fall under the instructional hour requirement or the 165-day requirement, you may count some of the days you closed school as instructional days and receive funding and all of that, but you must allow staff to make up that time for pay."

The district will count the most recent snow day, April 11, as an instructional day, with hourly staff coming in either May 31 or June 4, depending on what makes the most sense within their individual departments.

In other action Monday, the board accepted eight donations to the district, exceeding $1,800. Four of those donations came from the Pequot Lakes PTA for various uses.

The board also recognized 19 donations to the district's student activity fund accounts, totalling $22,430.

As part of its consent agenda, the board accepted the resignation of second-grade teacher Ann Schommer, Eagle View Elementary School secretary Teresa Peterson, art club adviser Molly Wiste and girls hockey coach Breanna Sheley.

It also approved the hiring of 11 new positions: custodian Jason Johnson, high school math teacher Alexis Melby, high school science teacher James Foss, high school high reliability schools coach Alison Falenshek, bus driver Jodi O'Rourke, high school English teacher Lisa Christensen, high school Spanish teacher Dave Christensen, middle school health/physical education teacher Aaron Ahrndt, middle level softball coach Kristen Harsha, middle level baseball coach Rich Spiczka and art club adviser Todd Knutson.

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