On Tuesday, Sept. 10, Lakes Area Unlimited Learning will be hosting a presentation by speaker Julie Legg on flaws in the criminal justice system in the conference room of Heartwood Senior Living Center, 500 Heartwood Road, Crosby.

The talk will address concerns for differences in outcomes in the justice system that organizers say are often determined by race, sex gender, identity and income level rather than fair law and reasonable punishments, a news release stated. The presentation is built around a 2014 TED Talk by Bryan Stephenson, the founder of Equal Justice Initiative.

Equal Justice Initiative reports it is dedicated to defending the poor and wrongly condemned. Organizers stated in a news release that Legg will also share statistics and studies by the Innocence Project (a non-partisan organization that works to exonerate the wrongly convicted through DNA testing) to illustrate the pervasiveness of the absence of mercy, tainted evidence and overworked public defenders.

Legg grew up on the Iron Range and after locating to the Twin Cities began to see stark differences between outcomes in our justice system and has made it a personal mission to bring an awareness to the public of the need for reform. The entrance fee is $5 for non-members to attend.