BAXTER — Baxter City Council members voted Tuesday, Oct. 1, to redraw items of its long-term future land use plan in order to accommodate expansions to the Edgewood Senior Living center.

Edgewood Management Group LLC, out of Grand Forks, submitted a proposal to the city of Baxter to change a parcel of property from medium to high density residential at 14211 Firewood Drive at the southwest side of Firewood Drive and adjacent to and east of Excelsior Place.

The proposal is based on plans to construct a 16-unit assisted living housing addition to the current Edgewood Senior Living facility. The council’s approval enables Edgewood Management Group LLC to move forward with rezoning and plat application for the addition.

Community Director Josh Doty said a major consideration is if the proposed use of the property will align well with shifting land use and construction patterns in neighboring property.

The property on 14211 Firewood Drive, he noted, is bordered by a number of empty plots, wetlands or buildings with similar uses — making it, generally speaking, a solid candidate for changes to the city’s development plans going forward.

“The main thing that we’re looking for is smooth transitions for low, medium and high density zones,” Doty said. “That’s certainly the case here. ”

That area of the city features a concentration of multi-unit and specialized housing complexes — both currently existing, as well as planned for construction. Earlier this year, the council approved a 20-unit apartment and two 10-unit townhomes for the property located in the northeast corner of Firewood Drive and Grand Oaks Drive.

Additionally, Doty noted, existing multi-family residential duplexes are located along Fireside Drive to the south. He also noted the property is already adequately served — both presently, and in accordance with proposed site plans — with sewer and water amenities, transportation access and fire escape.

In addition, Doty said two people had come forward with concerns for the proposed addition, with one indicating they’ll speak at upcoming hearings on account of the trail passing through that area of the city.