In its Monday, Nov. 4, meeting, the Breezy Point City Council approved a plan to receive bids for road improvements for Ossawinnamakee Road, Sunset Strip and Graf Road.

The total cost for the improvements is estimated at $233,000, which would include construction, contingencies, engineering, administrative, financing and legal costs. A more accurate estimate of the project is expected at the conclusion of the design, and again when bids are taken.

The project is expected to begin in the spring of 2020.

The council opened a public forum on the topic, with six residents speaking on the matter - some seeking clarification on the topic, some advocating for striping on the roads and repairs to drainage issues, and others disputing the necessity of parts of the project.

Notably two residents living on Sunset Strip said paving that road for its four houses was unnecessary. Mayor Tom Lillehei informed them that maintenance on gravel roads is actually “far greater” than paved roads, and the city’s plan is to eventually pave all city roads within 1,000 feet of lakes, which should lessen environmental impact.

Another speaker deemed it unfair that residents of Ossawinnamakee Road - which is shared with Ideal Township - be assessed for the project while Ideal Township residents were not for their portion of the road. The mayor indicated that that comes down to a difference in policies.

“I have been on many road projects here over many, many years,” council member Gary Bakken said. “I can tell you this project has been engineered very thoughtfully, and the cooperation we have received on the project is superb … Also, our comprehensive plan, which we are replacing next year, states that we are to upgrade the roads when possible. In my opinion, it has been done very judiciously.”

Council member Gary Mitchell said the project should be taxed according to its use. All council members agreed striping was necessary in certain places, particularly on curves where large trucks tend to drift into the center of the road.

Lillehei also told the roughly 20 residents in attendance that their vote on the plan was “not the final word” and that there would be more information and council action between now and March.

In other action Monday, the council:

  • Approved a proposal from R&H Painting for repairs to manholes on Piney Way and Lakeshore Drive, which have been allowing groundwater in at “excessive levels.” The cost to repair the manhole covers is $7,480, and includes a 10-year warranty.

  • Agreed to consider selling and accept requests for purchase on a vacant lot on the corner of Harvest Road and Harvest Court.

  • Renewed the liquor licenses of six city business, on the condition that all application forms and necessary paperwork are completed and turned in. Five of the six businesses have already done so.

Board member Rebecca Ball was not in attendance.

In October, the Breezy Point Police Department responded to 188 incidents, an increase of 60 from October 2018. Among the incidents were 82 traffic stops, two crashes, one theft and one fire.