ST PAUL — A Minnesota state legislator is looking to reverse what she calls a "regulatory burden" requiring some freelance makeup artists and hair stylists to hold salon manager licenses.

The Minnesota Board of Cosmetologist Examiners implemented a rule last December requiring beauticians to hold a full cosmetology salon manager license in order to be hired to apply makeup or style hair at weddings, proms or other events. The rule does not apply to those working for a film or theater production.

A full cosmetology manager license requires 4,000 hours of training and extra coursework, for which Republican Sen. Karin Housley of St. Marys Point said "there's no reason."

"All the Board has done is push well-intentioned people out of business," Housley said in a Thursday, Nov. 7 news release.

Housley is introducing legislation to reverse the board's rule. Freelance hair and makeup artists have filed a lawsuit challenging the Board, as well, a move that Americans for Prosperity Minnesota supports.

"We are not talking about full-fledged cosmetologists who work in a salon," Housley said, but freelance artists "that had been working without problem for years – until the state decided to weigh in."

Housley's bill is limited to artists who clean, dry and style hair and apply makeup.