ST. PAUL — Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey on Tuesday, Nov. 26, said the cost to the city of securing President Donald Trump's Oct. 10 rally exceeded $540,000, outpacing initial estimates.

Frey highlighted the cost at a news conference and said the city would continue asking the president's campaign to repay the city $542,733 for the personnel costs of staffing police, 911 Center, regulatory and public works employees and contracting a group to set up barriers around the Target Center.

The mayor highlighted the estimated cost to Minneapolis ahead of the Republican president's arrival in Minnesota last month and demanded that the campaign foot the bill for the extra security costs around the arena. And Trump, along with his campaign, refused to pay the extra fees and launched a public feud with Frey over social media alleging that he was attempting to stifle the president's free speech by requiring reimbursement ahead of the rally.

Trump's campaign has left cities to foot the security bills for campaign rallies around the country, The Center for Public Integrity reports. And Frey, a DFLer, said he would continue his effort to receive reimbursement.

“We came forward with the initial estimates of city costs associated with the campaign rally for the sake of transparency and in an effort to protect taxpayers," Frey said in a news release. "The city alone should not bear the costs of keeping residents, visitors, and the President safe for a campaign rally, and we will continue to seek reimbursement for the event on behalf of Minneapolis residents and taxpayers.”

Trump and his re-election campaign didn't respond to the renewed request for reimbursement on Tuesday.

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders' campaign covered the security expenses for a smaller rally on the University of Minnesota campus earlier this month.